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Isfandar, Maulavi

Name Isfandar, Maulavi
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Taliban Commander Badghis Province
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Maulavi Isfandar, who oversaw the flogging (200 times) of a pregnant 35 year old widow accused of adultery and her execution - she was shot in the chest and head three times - in August 2010 , has now been granted amnesty as part of an £88 million, British and American funded programme to coax fighters off the battlefield. Human rights groups inside Afghanistan condemned the move in Badghis province as "deeply disturbing". Nader Nadery, a commissioner at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said: "He is reintegrated unfortunately. He and 27 of his men gave up their struggle in February 2011 in a deal brokered by Afghan intelligence officers and village leaders according to a local official.

Sharafuddin Majidi, spokesman for the governor of Badghis, said: "The National Directorate of Security and local leaders have invited 500 insurgents to join the government here. It has made us one of the safest provinces in the north." "We have not given Isfandar any money, but we are trying to find him and his men jobs." Bibi Sanubar (aka: Sanum Gul), who was aged between 35 and 45, was executed in August after being accused of having an affair. Her alleged lover escaped punishment.

Another local Taliban commander, Mullah Mohammad Yousuf, was also implicated in her death.

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