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Kabul Polytechnik University KPU

Name Kabul Polytechnik University KPU
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Function/Grade Kabul Polytechnik University Faculties Deans
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Chancellor / President:
Ezatullah "Amed was born in 20 March 1952. After completing his High School degree, Ezatullah "Amed" started his studies of "Geology and Mines Faculty" at the KPI and finished his Bachelor of Science degree in 1976.

In 1980, the ministry of Higher Education sent him for further education to State University of Moscow, Russia, Faculty of Geology, where he successfully finished his Master of Science degree. the Polytechnic University of Kabul. Again, sent him to complete his PhD at the – 1988 State University of Moscow, Russia, Faculty of Geology on 1985.

From 1989 up to 1992, Ezatullah “Amed” started teaching at Kabul Polytechnic Institute,

From 1992 to 1996 , Ezatullah “Amed” became Chancellor of Balkh University, from 2008 up to date he is chancellor of Kabul Polytechnic University.


Vice-Chancellor for Research/Scientific Affairs:
Prof. Dr. Abdul Qayuom Karimzada was born in 1950 in Laghman/Afghanistan. He  studied as early as in 1970 for a short time at the Polytechnic University of Kabul. In 1977, he obtained his Master of Science at the Moscow Mine Institute, and received his PhD in 1987 in Applied Geometry and Engineering Graphic from the Polytechnic University and Kiev Civil Engineering Institute.

Between 1999 and 2002, Dr. Karimzada worked as the Dean of the Engineering faculty at the Afghan University in Peshawar. In 2002, he joined the Polytechnic University, teaching Technical Drawing and Graphic Geometry. In 2007, Dr. Karimzada became appointed Vice-Chancellor for Research/Scientific Affairs at the Polytechnic University.

Dr. Karimzara speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Russian, is well-trained in the use of PCs, and has published more than 35 scientific articles.

Vice-Chancellor of Student's Affairs:
Prof. Abdul Ahad Khaleqi was born 1960 in Kabul/Afghanistan. Khaleqi joined the Polytechnic University in 1979 as a student at the Electromechanic  Faculty. He focused on the subject of Automobile and finished his Master of Science degree in 1984.

Immediately after Mr. Khaleqi received his degree, he joined the staff of the Polytechnic University as a professor at the Faculty of Electromechanic.

Today, Mr. KHaleqi holds the position as Vice-Chancellor of Student's Affairs at the Polytechnic University and takes care of all student affairs.


Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs:
Prof. Akbar Jan “Arzomand” Prof. Arzomand (Russian Language) is vice chancellor for administrative affairs at the Kabul Polytechnic University. He teaches at the department of foreigner Language and has been affiliated and working at the Polytechnic University for over 8 years.

Prof. Arzomand speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Russian. In addition, he has computer skills in Microsoft Windows and Office.

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science of Kabul Polytechnic University:
Dr. Mirza Mohammad Merza,

Dean of Chemical Technology Faculty:
Prof. Shah Mohammad Besmil (20121216)

There are five faculties of study at KPU, each led by a Dean:

  • Faculty of Chemical Technology led by Prf. Shah Moh. Besmel

  • Faculty of Computer Engineering led by Prof. Mirza Moh. Mirza

  • Faculty of Construction led by Prof. Sulaiman Usmankhail

  • Faculty of Electromechanics led by Prof. Sayed Yusif

  • Faculty of Geology & Mines led by Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mangal

Lecturers Association of Kabul Polytechnic University

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Executive Director:

Associated Professor Diploma Eng. Shah Mohd. Bismel

Executive Committee:

Professor Diploma Eng. Mohd. Nazeer Nejabi, Assistant Professor Diploma Eng. Sayed Naweed Zewari, Assistant Professor Diploma Architecture Huma Khalid, Assistant Professor Akbar Jan Arezomand

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