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Amwajpur, Col. Amir Mohammad

Name Amwajpur, Col. Amir Mohammad
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kabul Badam Bagh Prision Chief Superintendent Jail
History and Biodata

1. Former Badam Bagh Prison Chiefs Superintendents:
LtCol Zarafshan, Director, Badam Bagh prison (20100200)
Col Amir Mohammad Amwajpur Amwajpoor (2011)

3. Biodata:
Col Amin Mohammad Amwajpur Amwajpoor is the Chief of Badam Bagh Central Prison for Women Offenders.  (20110413)

Up to 166 inmates are being held (20110413) at the Badam Bagh facility (Almond Garden) for committing different crimes, including murders, runaway from homes, drug smuggling, kidnapping and other crimes. The prison opened in 2008. The inmates are also provided different vocational trainings, including tailoring, carpet weaving and beauty parlor. Their children are  provided opportunity to get education. Badam Bagh is the only Women Prison in Kabul City with space for 150 Women. Previously women in Kabul were jailed in Pul-I-Charkhi Prison.

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