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Alokozay Group of Companies Alokosai Alokozai

Name Alokozay Group of Companies Alokosai Alokozai
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Function/Grade Pepsi Cola Plant in Kabul et. al.
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Chairman, Manager and Names linked to Alokozay:
Abdul Rehman Alokozay, Chairman, Alokozay Group of Companies, Dubai and Afghanistan (20110421)
Hashim Karzai, CEO, Alokozay Intl. Ltd. (20080713)
Jahanzeb Khan, General Manager for PepsiCo Afghanistan (20110421),
Ms. Sadiya Qayyum, Franchise Manager, PepsiCo Afghanistan (20110421)
Saad Abdul-Latif, Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) (20110421)

The Alokozay Group is a consumer goods distribution and marketing company headquartered in Dubai. The Group has already has a strong presence in Afghanistan in the FMCG category. A EBA was signed by Abdul Rehman Alokozay, Chairman, Alokozay Group of Companies, and presented to Mr. Saad Abdul-Latif, CEO for PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa at a ceremony held at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai (20110421).

As part of a EBA, a new plant in Kabul Afghanistan will come into operation March 2010 on frenchise base and not only manufacture and distribute famous PepsiCo brands such as Pepsi Cola, Diet Pepsi, 7-UP, Mirinda and Mountain Dew, but will also enter the significant categories of energy drinks and bottled water by introducing PepsiCo brands such as Sting and Aquafina.

Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), Kam Air, Afghanistan International Bank (AIB), Saladin Security Company, Alokozay International Limited, Alokozay non-alcoholic beverage company, Automotive Service and Yenco Lmitiz Construction Company (VICC) were awarded as best large taxpayers in Continental Hotel in Kabul. (20170502)

More Alokozai Group of Companies background:
Alokozay Group branched out into the tea market in 2003
Producing different brands of Cooking Oil, Tissues and Biscuits,
Distributor of different Cigarette brands (Esse, Pine)

Logistics and Distribution: Alokozay Group has developed the big and  comprehensive distribution networks with its own offices. Each operation is complete with its own full-fledged equipments, distribution, logistics, and warehousing facilities. The corporate headquarters of Alokozay International Ltd. (located at the  Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, UAE) is the central co-ordination point for all logistics operations of the organization.

Alokozay Construction and Development: In Kabul in Shahr-e-Naw, Alokozay Residences stand in one of the top residential areas in Afganistan, next to the Safi Landmark (City Centre) Hotel. It is beside the Kabul City Centre, the biggest shopping center in Kabul and  near the Roshan Shopping Centre.

Alokozay Petroleum and Gas:  AP&G is one of the distinctive providers of fuel energy in Afghanistan.

Alokozay International Ltd.
P.O Box 261602, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai - U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 887 1155
Fax: +971 4 887 1077

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