Afghan Biographies

Jaji District Paktia Province

Name Jaji District Paktia Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief Border Police Commander
History and Biodata

Aryoob Jaji District Zazi District Zazai Aryob District Paktia Province Aryub Zazi Chief:
Hazrat Khan Azad Khan (20070516, 20110414, 20120515)
Border Police commander for Jaji District:
Col. Nabi (20101227)

Jajis are instead one of the groups who, at least in their ancestral territory (mainly the districts of Jaji Aryub and Jaji Maidan, in Paktia and Khost respectively) where their tribal institutions are still relatively strong, have sided compactly with the government, or at least have not joined the insurgency, and are therefore often targeted.
Zazai Aryub District has a Police Training Center.

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