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Habibi, Gulbahar

Name Habibi, Gulbahar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Businessman Gulbahar Group of Companies
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Dubai based Businessman Gulbahar Group of Companies (2001)
Founder Gulbahar Charity Foundation (GCF)
3. Biodata:
gulbahar_habibiGulbahar Habibi hails from a business family from Rodat District 25 km from Jalalabad in Nangahar Province. Since 1997 the Habibi family owns the Concorde Tobacco Company (now Gulbahar Tobacco Company) in Dubai producing cigarettes for the Arabian market. After 2001 the Gulbahar Group of Companies was founded.

His father was in a German Clinic in Eppendorf, Hamburg where he got cured from his health problem. Gulbahar Habibi from these times had the idea to go for commercial projects in Germany too.

In Kabul Gulbahar invested into a big business center - the Gulbahar Center - with some hundert shops. It is opposite the Ministry of Education and near the Foreign Ministry and the Central Bank, which is a premium site in Kabul City. It is also close to the Presidential Palace, Police Headquarters and the Municipality. Gulbahar Center has over 9,000 square meters of prime floor space in the 3-story retail shopping mall and 7-storey residential apartment building. In 2010 Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers attacked Gulbahar Center and other buildings across the heart of Kabul triggering fierce gun battles with security forces.

Afghan Attorney General's Office on 20120124 said it has arrested Gulbahar Habibi, a famous Afghan businessman and the owner of Gulbahar Business Centre over forgery and bribery to construct the building on a government land. Gulbahar is accused of forging the signature of the first Vice-President, Qasim Fahim, to prepare a decree authorising the construction of Gulbahar Centre and Gulbahar tower in Kabul. Gulbahar is said to have paid a bribe of 150,000 dollars to get the signature forged. Gen. Abubakr Rafie, said that Gulbahar Habibi also owes the Kabul Bank a sum of 27 million dollars.

Gulbahar Shopping Center
Malik Azghar Square
P.O.Box: 1350 Kabul, Afghanistan
Tel: +93 20 2104615
Fax: +93 20 2104616
Customer Service Mobile: +93 786 009797

Gulbahar Tobacco International Fze.
P.O.Box. 61401- Mod.447/448,
R/A No. 13 - Jebel Ali Free Zone,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
Tel : +971 4 8814800
Fax: +971 4 8814900

Gulbahar Group of Companies:

Gulbahar General Trading
Situated at Gulbahar Center, Kabul, Afghanistan. Company deals with import and export of Steel, Fuel & Food.

Gulbahar Investment
Gulbahar Towers, Gulbahar Center, Gulbahar Palace, Gulbahar Plaza

Adri International Tobacco GmbH
GULBAHAR TOBACCO INTERNATIONAL FZE is a dynamic, well established cigarette manufacturer for the tobacco.

Gulbahar Hotel
The project consists of design and construction of Gul Bahar Hotel including 10 floor stories

Gulbahar Cements:
Gulbahar has added one more division to the existing business to deal with Gulbahar Cements

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