Afghan Biographies


Name Daoud
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Adviser of Speaker Upper House
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Daoud:
Mayor Lashkar Gah Helmand Province, sacked, (2009-2011),
Adviser of the Speaker of Meshrano Jirga (2012)

3. Biodata:
daoud_mayor_lashkarThe Mayor of Laskar Gah, Daoud, allegedly involved in corruption removed by President Karzai to be sued by the judicial organs, has been appointed as the Chief Advisor of the Speaker of Senate, a Senator said.(20120221)

In 2011 an investigation by local journalists accused the Mayor of Lashkar Gah of corruption. Although he wasn't charged, the strength of the claims and public pressure forced him out of office. In June 2011 they brought down the mayor of Lashkar Gah after an investigation uncovered a host of allegations – including that he was selling government land for profit, dealing with drug traffickers, and was accused of being involved in the deaths of two men. While he was not prosecuted, he was relieved of office.

20110600  the mayor of Lashkar Gah, who is known simply as Daoud, was sacked for pilfering British and American aid funds, according to local officials. “He would get money for road projects and the like, give half to a construction company and keep the rest,” said a government official.The mayor spent $100,000 on his wedding in Kabul, officials said. He flew in 40 friends to the event at a cost of $8,000 alone. “His official salary is only about $600 a month, so it was obvious that something was wrong,” said an intelligence officer who tracks government corruption.The former mayor refused to respond to repeated requests for a comment.

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