Afghan Biographies

Asher, Abdul Hakim

Name Asher, Abdul Hakim
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1977
Function/Grade Media and Information Center GMIC Executive Director
History and Biodata
1 Dr. Abdul Hakim Asher Executive Director +93 (0) 797 249 249
2 Sefatullah Sahaf Safi
Deputy Director +93 (0) 777 775 657
3 Ghulam Jelani Zwak Adviser +93 (0) 707 411 951
4 Gharghashta Katawazay Management Adviser +93 (0) 794 538 879
4 Humayon Farooq Fundraising Manager +93 (0) 786 947 436
5 Mohammad Alias Hassany Public Outreach Department Manager +93 (0) 777 409 658
6 Mohammad Sediq Amarkhil Media Relations and Coordination Manager +93 (0) 796 174 428
7 Mohammad Behroozian Acting Capacity Building Manager +93 (0) 794 558 928
8 Rafi Ferdous GMIC Adviser +93 (0) 700 028 390

2. Previous Functions:
Deputy Director GMIC (2009-2010)
Executive Director Media and Information Center  GMIC (2010 -  )

3. Biodata:
asher_hakimAbdul Hakim Asher son of Abdul Jalil Asher was born in Bagram district of Parwan in October 12, 1977. He migrated to Peshawar with his family due to improper conditions in the year 1985. He finished his primary education in one of the Afghan schools, Said Jamaaluddin Afghan, in Peshawar.

With the Mujahedeen’s victory over the communist regime, he came back home and completed his secondary education in Parwan experimental and Bagraam High Schools. Having graduated from high school, Abdul Hakim Asher joined the Faculty of Medicine in Kabul University, which he had to quit after the Taliban got the power. He continued his higher education in Peshawar and studied for four years in Afghan University’s Faculty of Medicine. Following to the new changes in Afghanistan, when the Afghan University combined with Kabul University, Abdul Hakim Asher came back to Afghanistan and completed his higher education in Kabul Medical University. In the beginning of the interim government in 2001 he started working with international organizations. First he worked with New York Times and later with the American NBC TV Network as a reporter. Afterwards, he worked as a health and educational program manager in Jaika from 2002 up until 2005. From 2005 up to 2006 he worked as an educational program manager for the British Child Support Organization. Subsequently, up to the year 2009 he worked in the Ministry of Interior as a media and public relations director. As Asher was interested in gaining knowledge, he got his bachelor’s degree during his official tenure in Political Science from the Indian University of Gulbargha. From mid 2009 to mid 2010, Asher worked as a deputy director for programs, and now he is working as the Director of Government Media and Information Center.

In his capacity as a  Director of state owned Media and Information Center he is a staunch follower of President Karzai's policy.

He is married and has three children.

Asher speaks English, Dari and Urdu.

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Established 2011-03-22