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AFSat was created on 08th of March 2007 by changing it from Faiz Internet Company to AFSat. Faiz Internet Company has been working in Afghanistan since 2002. During the period of 6 years Faiz Internet Company have built a strong company involved in installations of VSAT systems throughout Afghanistan the installations are ranging from NGOs, UN agencies, Military units, Embassies, Government institutions, Ministries, private customers and many others .
In Afghanistan Faiz Internet Company was created in 2002 as an Afghani company , Faiz Internet Company started with 2-3 employees in 2002 and by Feb 2007 was employing 24 people, all Afghani nationality. One third of the employees of Faiz Internet Company highly qualified VSAT technicians.

January 2003, Neda Telecommunications Company, a part of Neda Holding, became the first official license holder from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Afghanistan.
Our mission is to make Internet an everyday practical reality for everyone in Afghanistan. Our responsive over-the-phone customer services, our acceptable use policy and our web published guides are testament to efforts in this regard.

 CeReTechs has a long time and extensive experience of working in Afghanistan in the ICT sector. CeReTechs Engineers and technicians implemented projects in all the provinces of the country.
CeReTechs primarily is a leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Solution Provider Company which came into being in 1996 out side the country and in March 2002 as the first Internet Service Provider of Afghanistan.

Insta Telecom recognizes the provision of world-class telecommnunications infrastructure and information is the key to rapid economic and social development of the country.
Insta Telecom has been the first company to install a full-mesh VSAT network across the country for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Afganistan.

Io Global Services (P) Limited is a technology-focussed organisation addressing wireless networks, satellite ground stations, IP Network design and integration for ISPs, Telcos, and Carriers worldwide. In a relatively short span (established in 2004), Io Global has distinguished itself as one of the leading ISPs in Afghanistan, especially in the VSAT Domain, primarily due to it’s unique commitment to provide genuine 24x7 Internet Service & Customer Support with a 'Touch of Class' to it’s customers.

 RANA TECHNOLOGIES is the leading Information & Communications Technology Company in Afghanistan. It has its corporate office in Kabul and fully functional regional offices in Herat, Mazaar, Kandahar & Jalalabad.
Presently, RANA TECHNOLOGIES provides extensive & proven expertise and services in all the major ICT fields to Commercial, Government, Donors, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Embassies and UN entities.

LiwalNet is a system integrator, specializing satellite based communications systems and networking integration.
The parent company Liwal Limited extensive experience in both communications and IT enable it to offer a full range of off-the-shelf solutions designed to provide seamless integration into the existing infrastructure, utilizing products from the industry's major vendors in ICT.

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