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Khadem, Hamidullah Khadim

Name Khadem, Hamidullah Khadim
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Industrialists's Union Head
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Head of the Herat Chamber of Industries and Mines (20220609)

3. Biodata
khadim_hamidullahHamidullah Khadim Hamidullah Khadem is the Head of the Industrialists's Union. According to the industrialists' union, 671 factories have registered with the union and 300 are currently operating, providing jobs for about 35,000 people (20110318).

Hamidullah is also the Owner of Gulchin Tomato Factory Gholchin which opened in 2006 on the Herat Industrial Estate. 50 people work there. Around 2,000 farmers from Ingil, Guzara and Karukh districts supply the tomatoes to the factory. There, the tomatoes are processed into paste, canned and sold under the Gulchin Tomato Paste brand. Currently the factory processes 60 tonnes of tomatoes daily producing 100 tonnes of tomato paste. One of the biggest buyers of Gulchin’s large barrels of processed tomatoes is the army.  produces not only tomato paste, but is also making compote of fresh fruits, conserve of bean and pea and carrot Jam.

The factory does occasionally have electricity and water problems. But the people of Herat hope these problems can be ironed out and more people will invest in factories and agriculture development. Ghochin is registered by AISA and has got the license number D-21793.

Gholchin Herat Office:
Phone: +93(0) 799 653 434 and +93(0) 700 401 140

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