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Arabs in Afghanistan

Name Arabs in Afghanistan
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Function/Grade Arabs in Balkh and Jowzjan Province
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The ancestors of the Balkh Arabs probably came to Afghanistan during the time of the third caliphat 0f Hazrat Osman (Usman) when he conquered Afghanistan and was followed by many loyalists to preach Islam.

Around 900 families live in Khoshal Abad and Yakhdan villages of Dawlat Abad district of Balkh province, and about 40 percent can no longer speak Arabic, according to elders.

Arabs are also living in Jowzjan province. A village elder, said there were about 1,000 families living in Hassanabad of Shebarghan, capital of Jowzjan Province, and in Sultan Arigh village of Aqcha district who speak Arabic.

According to the constitution, Pashto and Dari are Afghanistan’s two official languages, while Uzbeki, Turkmani, Baluch, Pashayi, Nuristani, Pamiri, are recognized languages of the country.

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