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Disho District Helmand Province Desho

Name Disho District Helmand Province Desho
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Disho District Chief Helmand Province:
Dishu District has no District Governor. Its population  is 80% Pashtun and 20% Baloch. The District shares a 143 km border with Pakistan and is under Taliban control.
Alabaster, plumbum, zings and mines of alkaline earth metal exists in Dishu. They are illegally excarvated. Officials of an alabaster company alleged Pakistanis had been smuggling mines-laden truck of alabaster while authorities did not take step to check the illegal activities.

The districts out of government's control include Nawzad, Disho, Baghran and Musa Qala districts in Helmand, Wardooj and Yumgan districts in Badakhshan, Kohistanat district in Sar-e-Pul, Nawa district in Ghazni and Khak Afghan district in Zabul province.(20160629)

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Established 2011-03-15