Afghan Biographies

Ibrahimi, Masuma

Name Ibrahimi, Masuma
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan Cultural House Kabul General Director ACH
History and Biodata

Afghan Cultural House Kabul

Masuma Ibrahimi

General Director (Afghan cultural house)
Phone No: +93 (0) 783362631

Other Staff of Afghan Cultural House Kabul ACH
Yonus Entezar
Deputy Director (Afghan cultural house)
Phone No: +93 (0) 700295414

Abdul Ghafoor Islamkhel
Admin Officer (Afghan cultural house)
Phone No: +93 (0) 774475121

Paryia Ibrahimi
Librarian And Training Coordinator (Afghan cultural house)
Phone No: +93(0) 793705320

Yassin Ahmadi
Café Manager (Afghan cultural house)
Phone No: +93 (0) 793705320


Afghan Cultural House was officially opened on 13th September 2010 in Kabul as a new independent cultural umbrella organization with a unique model in Afghanistan. Karl Eikenberry the Ambassador of the United States of America for Afghanistan who was speaking at the in this ceremony committed that the United States people and government support of the Afghan Cultural House (ACH) in the long run as many other development programs of the United States as a strategic partner of Afghanistan. Afghan Cultural House is a US financed non for profit cultural umbrella organization offering different services and provides a opportunity for the Afghan people, especially for the women and young generation.

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