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Arghandab District Kandahar Province

Name Arghandab District Kandahar Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade ex District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District governor chief of Arghandab, Kandahar Province:
Abdul Jabar Marghabi (20100427), killed by roadside bomb 20100615.
Haji Shah Muhammad Ahmadi (20100623) was nominated by the district council, Father Ahmad Jan, Grandfather Musa Jan, married, Pashtun, DOB 1962, Place of birth Kandahar City, Phone 0700308102, 0794649909 (2010)
Haji Shah Mohammed Ahmadi (20110114, 20110622), is potential target of the Taliban. He said he was worried for himself and his family but would not give into the Taliban by quitting.(20110801)
Mohmand Nasratyar (20150921)
Barat Khan (20170412)

District Police Chief:
Niaz Mohammad (20110415)

Arghandab district is a predominantly Pashtun Alokozai area and one of the most violent patches of Kandahar in recent years.The Alokozais, despite being the third-largest tribe in Kandahar, were largely excluded from power. Mojayed had lost his job in 2004 as an army corps commander amid bitter feuds with the Barekzais. Other Alokozai leaders were killed and forced out of the province. With their exclusion from government, some Alokozais gravitated toward the Taliban.

Since the start of the war, certain Pashtun tribes have flourished by seizing political power and lucrative U.S. military contracts. The Popalzais, the tribe of President Hamid Karzai, have dominated Kandahar politics through the president’s late half-brother, provincial council chief Ahmed Wali Karzai, while the Barekzais have become rich by building and maintaining Kandahar Airfield. 

Ghazi Mohammad Akbar Khan school in Arghandab district of Kandahar province has been destroyed in recent battles between former government military forces and the Islamic Emirate. (20211029)

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