Afghan Biographies

Haqqani, Yakub Mohammad

Name Haqqani, Yakub Mohammad
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Khost University-Shaikh-Zaid Chancellor
History and Biodata

1. Former Chancellor/ Head of the Shaikh Zaid University Khost Province:
Dr. Gul Hassan Walezai (2010)
Mohammad Rasool Bawari (20150311)
Mohammad Yakub Haqqani (20230720)


Deputy Chancellor:
Dr. Gul Nawaz (20100600)

Khost University also Shaikh Zayed University is located in the border town of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. It was established in the year 20030630 by special order of President Hamid Karzai . It was shifted from its previous temporary location in Peshawar, Pakistan, where it was named "Afghan University Peshawar". Afghan University was established in December 1998 as an amalgamation of five Afghan Universities in Pakistan that were closed by the Pakistani government in early 1998. Khost University has nine faculties and more than 3000 students. It will offer courses in medicine, engineering, agriculture, technology, Islamic studies, arts, literature, journalism and education. It has a private radio station for journalism faculty. It is the only university in Afghanistan with a faculty in computer science. It has a hostel for students, and medical students are trained at the government-run hospital, Khost Hospital. This university was officially opened by the United Arab Emirates officials and Khost governor in March 2008. Khost University is one of eleven Afghan educational institutions that have e-learning labs, provided by USAID.

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