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Anwar, Jamahir Anwari

Name Anwar, Jamahir Anwari
Ethnic backgr. Turkmen
Date of birth 1955
Function/Grade ex Minister
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Refugees and Repatriation:
Dr. Moh. Azam Dadfar (Faryab),
Ustad Akbar Akbar (2006),
Abdul Karim Brahui (20090209 - 20100824),
Jamahir Anwari (20101011 -20140930)
Jamahir Anwari acting Minister (20141001)
acting Minister of Refugees Fazl Ahmad Azimi (20141209)

Deputy Governor:
Malang Rasuli (200605),
Dr. Samad Hami (20110000, 20120424)

Speaker of MoRRA:
Islamuddin Jurat (20110421)

2. Previous Functions:
Department of Mother and Child Health Care (1977)
Employee of the Blood Bank (1977)
Head of Pharmacies Department Northern Zone (1983)
Ministry of Public Health, Director General Pharmacy (2006)
Turkmen Peace Council Member
Minister of Refgugees and Repatriation (2010 - 20141208)

3. Biodata:
anwari_jamahir2Anwari was born in Andkhoe Andkhoy district of northern Faryab province in Feb. 07, 1955. He was enrolled at Abu Muslim Khurasani High School in 1962 and after his graduation, he succeeded in matriculation exam and continued his higher education in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Kabul University.

After his graduation from Pharmacy Faculty of Kabul University in 1976, he has since then worked as a pharmacist at the Department of Mother and Child Health. He was an employee of the blood bank in 1977, head of pharmacy affairs department for the northern zone in 1983.

Since 2006, he was head of Medicine Affairs at the General Directorate of Pharmacy in the Ministry of Public Health. He was also the financial head of the union of Afghan Pharmacists, leader of Turkmen Peace Council and member of the leading delegation of carpet traders. Anwari was also member of the emergency Loya Jirga held in 2004.

Meshrano Jirga said on 20120211 said the Minister of Refugee and Repatriate Affairs, Jamahir Anwari, had hired a high school graduate as legal advisor to the ministry, the upper house complaints commission head, Zalmai Zabuli told the Senate. "A legal advisor should be a qualified and experienced person having at least a bachelor degree," he said. "A nephew of the minister, who speaks English and Urdu languages, has been appointed as a marketing advisor and is paid 60,000 afghanis (1,214 $)," he added.. The minister's niece, who is from Andkhoi and does not have a command in Persian, Pashtu or Uzbek language, he only speaks in English and Urdu languages. The Head of the Afghan Senate's Complaints Commission, Zalmai Zabuli, presented some documents showing that he is not even literate enough to fit the positions.(20120211)

Jamahir Anwari was confirmed by Wolesi Jirga: yes 140; no 62; abstained 8; invalid 2.

A report by the Afghan Independent Media Consortium (AIMC) has revealed extensive corruption and misuse of power within Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MoR&R). Confirmed by the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption, the report lists sale of key positions within the Ministry, transfer of money to the private bank accounts of the Minister, embezzlement in salaries of employees and funds of the Ministry as the massive corruption cases taking place in the Ministry.(20130928)

Anwari speaks Turkmani, Uzbeki, Dari, Pashto and English fluently.

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