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Anosh, Khairullah Anush Anoosh

Name Anosh, Khairullah Anush Anoosh
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1958
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Khairullah Anosh Anoosh:
Principal of Yolduz high school of Faryab education dept., Principal of Abo Obaid Jawzjani high school of Faryab province (19820600-19830700)
Lecturer of teachers' perfection proficiency Institute of Teacher Training College and  in Education faculty of Kabul University (1985-1989)
Master degree studies  in Public Sciences Line in Kabul Pedagogical Institute (1996 to 1998)
Reserve term of the military in Kabul second security zone of police (1989-1992)
Trader in Mazar – e Sharif and Central Asian countries.(till 2004)
Chief Andkhoi District, Faryab Province (2004-20100413),
Provincial Governor Samangan (2010413, 20130209 -20150605)

3. Biodata:
anosh_khairullahKhairullah Anosh son of  Abdul Samad son of Abdul Hamid is from Arab ethnicity. Anosh was born in 1958 in Guzar–e Darwaza of Maimana city. He passed his elementary and high terms of school, in Abu Muslim high school, in Andkhoy district of Faryab province.

After the passing university entry exam (Kankor), in 1977 he joined in Literature & Human Sciences faculty of Kabul University, in 1980,  Anosh successfully graduated from the above mentioned faculty. 

Khairullah Anosh Anush Annoosh is a member of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (Junbish-e Milli-yi Islami-yi Afghanistan).

The Governor of Samangan, Khairullah Anosh, confirms that the former insurgent and his group have been given back some of their weapons and will be recruited into the ranks of the newly-formed Afghan Local Police (ALP) in Dara-ye Soof. This contradicts the official policy to recruit only individuals and not groups into the A.L.P. and to allow local elders to introduce candidates for the jobs - principles that have been laid down in order to alleviate fears that dubious people might be recruited into the ALP.(20110426) The head of the Provincial Council 2009, Dr. Zia said, "Governor Anosh is a weak person and is also a sick person. He is an ineffective leader for the government and for Samangan province."

Khairullah Anosh was among five people wounded in a roadside bombing on 20130727 in the morning.

Two people were killed and eight others were injured following violent protests against Governor Khairullah Anosh in northern Samangan province of Afghanistan on 20131231.The protesters were calling on the provincial governor to resign from his position, and had gathered near government compound when the incident took place. The protesters accuse provincial governor, Khairullah Batash for being involved in corruption along with a number of the local government officials.  An Afghan senator along with his armed supporters were also among the protesters, who attacked the governor’s office. Demonstration against Khairullah Batash started a week ago, and hundreds of Samangan residents took to the streets and called for his immediate resignation.(20131231)

Ziauddin Zia, the provincial council head, claimed the governor’s bodyguards and police had inflicted casualties on protesters in Aibak. The protest was peaceful but Anush´s guards recently shot dead two protestors and wounded 13 others police opened fire, he said, adding the governor was involved in administrative corruption.  Mohammad Faizi, member of a Meshrano Jirga  team that returned from Samangan to Kabul 201403 said the protest had been peaceful and its participants neither turned violent nor damaged public property, while exercising their constitutional right. Protestors had shown lawmakers documentary evidence of the governor’s involvement in administrative and moral corruption. They demanded Anosh’s sacking and prosecution.(20140104)

According to sources, Khairullah Anosh, Mohammad Haidar Khurrami the former mayor, and Firoz Tagin the current mayor of Aibak city of Samangan have been detained for the embezzlement of 600 million Afghani government funds.(20210602)


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