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Anti Corruption Tribunal

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A panel of three judges is working for the anti-corruption tribunal, an institution funded by the UK as part of a drive to help the Afghan government crack down on corruption.

Mohammad Razaq,
Ahmad Rashed Totakhail,

Under Afghan law, a special court must be convened to prosecute cabinet members, and the president must revoke ministerial immunity. Given the violent nature of Afghan politics, a secure facility to house the tribunal must also be found and the safety of court personnel guaranteed before trials can commence. Meanwhile, lower-ranking and former officials can be prosecuted in other Afghan courts. According to Fazel Ahmad Faqiryar, the first deputy attorney general, the attorney general’s office has asked the ministry for foreign affairs and Interpol to cooperate in arresting former ministers in exile and returning them to Afghanistan to stand trial.

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Established 2010-05-24