Afghan Biographies

Abedin, Baba Aabuddin

Name Abedin, Baba Aabuddin
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Commander Opposition
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Baba Abedin (Commander Baba) Aabedin hails from Andarab District, Baghlan Province. The last time Baba Aabuddin and 49 of his fighters surrendered to join the Peace Process was in November 2009, they fled again after six months, taking with them two police ranger vehicles. Now, Baba Aabuddin is again fighting the government in Pul i Hesar Pul e Hesar district and is blaimed for highway robbery and other crimes. (20110103)

“Baba Aabuddin has more than 40 group members,” said a resident of Gan village in Pul-e- Hesar. “Whatever he wants to do in this place, nobody can stop him.” Baba Aabuddin said that he was sincere when he joined the peace process. “But the government did not fulfill the promises it made during the months when we were there. I gave food to all my group members, and then I saw that I can’t be part of the government. I returned to my first place and now I am staying there.”

According to a police source in Baghlan, Baba Aabuddin joined the peace process three times, each time returning back to the insurgency. Another source said the locally known robber Baba Abedin is said to have joined the previous reintegration programme even four times, pocketing financial incentives each time.(20110426)

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Established 2009-12-10