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Danish, Abdul Munir

Name Danish, Abdul Munir
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Function/Grade Commission Oversight Implementation of Constitution ICOIC
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Independent Commission of Oversight and Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC),

danish_abdul_munirUstad Abdul Munir Danish, Abdul Muneer Danish was nominated as the head of the Independent Commission of Oversight and Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC) Independent Commission for Supervision of the Implementation of the Constitution (ICSIC). and won the vote of confidence from Wolesi Jirga. Danish bagged 155 votes, with 46 legislators opposing his nomination (20111126).


Seven Members of the Supervisory Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution:
Mohammad Anwar Jigdalik, the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs introduced seven Members 20100607 to Wolesi Jirga140 MNAs were present at the vote of confidence. “Two remaining members of this Commission will be introduced soon”, said Jigdalik. An appointed sixth candidate, Qazi Samar Gul Ashraf, a former official of the Supreme Court was too old to perform the task.:

1. (Prof. Gulrahman Gaz Gul Rahman Qazi, director of the Afghan lawyers union, confirmed with 97 votes. He graduated from Shariah Faculty of Kabul University and did his masters in administrative law from a university in Tehran. PHD in administrative reforms, Qazi had taught law and political science at Kabul University and had served on important governmental positions.)

2. (Pohanwal Mahboba Hoquqmal Haqooqmal, Mahbooba, head of the justice and judicial department of the upper house and a law professor at Kabul University, confirmed with 96 votes. A resident of Kabul, Huqoqmal had graduated from Kabul University’s political science and law department. She had served as political science and law teacher at Kabul University, the deputy chairman of the Constitutional Loya Jirga, women’s affairs minister and a member of the Meshrano Jirga.)

3. Qazi Sayed Omer Munib, a member of the nation's top Islamic council, confirmed with 83 votes.
4. (Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi Ameen, dean of Ibni Sina University and former-member of the scrutiny committee for the formation of the 2004 constitution, confirmed with 98 votes. Amin had studied fiqa and philosophy in Iran and had served as Katib University chancellor and Siraj Culture Organisation chairman.)

5. Prof. Abdul Qadir Adalat Khwa Qadeer Adalatkhwa, deputy minister of justice and a professor of law at Kabul University, confirmed with 101 votes.
6. Latifur Rahman Sayed  Lotfur Rahman Saeed (20130216)


Wolesi Jirga denied Gul Rahman Qazi, Mohammad Amin Ahmadi and Mehbona Huqoqmal trust vote for the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC). Their four years office terms had expired  and they were again introduced. (20140719)


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