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Amarkhel, Aminullah Amarkhil MajGen

Name Amarkhel, Aminullah Amarkhil MajGen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1963
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Customs Official (20061000)
Commander 1st Zone Border Police Eastern Border Police Zone (20100000 - 20120108 )
Military Expert and Analyst (20120200, 20120418)
Provincial Police Commander Baghlan (20131124-20150600)
Provincial Police Commander Ghazni (20151013, 20160327-20160830 resigened but still in office 20170517)
Provincial Police Commander Herat (20180512, 20200200)

3. Biodata:
Amarhkhil_AminullahMajor General Aminullah Amarkhel Amerkhail Amarkhail Amerkhil Amin Ullah Amar Khil Aminullah Amar Khail was born 1963. He was the Afghan border police commander 1st Zone Border Police (head of border police in eastern Afghanistan), based in Nangahar Province. He stood as a Candidate in Wolesi Jirga election 2010 for Kabul Province. After investigation by the ECC and/or PECCs, it was decided that he had indeed not resigned his state posts before registering and so he was disqualified (20100908). Until October 2006, Amarkhil spent 18 months as the customs chief at Kabul International Airport was, responsible for halting the flow of drugs through Afghanistan's main airport. He was seeking asylum in London, claiming his life is in danger from drug lords who pressured the government to fire him amid corruption charges. Amarkhil contends he was so successful he upset drug lords tied to corrupt government officials, who in turn, accused him of corruption.

A barrage of 40 rockets was fired into eastern Afghanistan from Pakistan on 20110701 a senior official said, as General Aminullah Amarkhil, head of the border police in the eastern region offered his resignation over the government’s response to weeks of attacks. “I have submitted my resignation to the Interior Ministry because I can’t see my people being killed by shells fired from Pakistan,” Amarkhil told Reuters. Amarkhil’s spokesman said the resignation had not been accepted, but Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said the ministry had not received a resignation letter.The whole affair is looking be arranged and smells fishy, because the Karzai Regime wants to blame Pakistan for the deteriorating security in Afghanistan.

Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel the border police chief for eastern provinces on 20120108 announced his resignation, saying he had been receiving security threats. High-ranking government officials had prevented him from talking to the media after he reacted harshly to shelling of Afghan areas by Pakistani soldiers, the general recalled. He said 11 tonnes of narcotics were seized from traffickers last year. "Drug mafia has continuously tried to kill me," Gen. Amarkhel said, adding that the Ministry of Interior wanted to appoint him as provincial police chief, a position he did not accept.(20120108)

The provincial police chief of Ghazni province General Aminullah Amarkhel has reportedly resigned from his post due to the lack of support by the central government. His resignation has not yet been accepted. (20160830) The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has accepted his resignation as the police chief for Ghazni province. Officials said that Amarkhail resigned for health reasons.(20170702) They also said that Mohmmad Mustafa Mayar head of criminal investigation police zone 303 Spin Zar has been appointed as Ghazni's acting police chief.(20170702)

Tensions sparked by disturbances in deeply-entrenched interests in Herat can also arise between local elites and non-Herati government officials sent from Kabul. This appears to have been the case in the backlash against reforms that brought down police chief Amarkhel in February 2020. The reforms he tried to implement included personnel changes, security allocations and decisions on the new Herat police requirement to re-register all existing arms licenses. He did not return to the province after attending the president’s and interior minister’s meetings with police chiefs and governors in February 2020 in Kabul.

Officials said that Amarkhail resigned for health reasons.
They also said that Mohmmad Mustafa Mayar head of criminal investigation police zone 303 Spin Zar has been appointed as Ghazni's acting police chief.

There was conflict when the police chief didn’t act according to their [local elites’] wishes and wants. This happened when police officials were changed [in the city and districts], when decisions were made about the renewal of arms permits, when 20, 50, 100 police officers were requested to provide security for events and gatherings, when imported vehicles were prevented from entering the city without going through customs and when tough action was taken against drug trafficking.

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