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Bari, Abdul Majeed Bari Majid Rashed Dr.

Name Bari, Abdul Majeed Bari Majid Rashed Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex ASA Chairman
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Dr. Abdul Bari Rashid:
President, Chairman, Academy of Sciences and Literature of Afghanistan: Dr. Abdul Bari Rashed (2010, 2011, 2012 dismissed)

3. Biodata Dr. Abdul Bari Majid Rashid Rashed:
December 2,3 2010 the high award of 2010 of ECO was given to Abdul Bari Rashed, Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan. He received the award on December 23, alongside the ECO summit in Istanbul and given to him by Abdullah Gul President of Turkey. The award has been given in appreciation of different research works especially the latest work of Rashed pertaining to the Islamic Economic Issues.

During a trip of ASA head, Abdul Bari Rashid and the former chairman of High Peace Council, the late Burhanuddin Rabbani in May 2011, to participate at the Islamic Brotherhood Conference in Iran, Rashid established links with Iranian officials, an ASA official said on condition of anonymity. After the visit, Iran’ s interference increased in the academy’s affairs and Iran funded salaries of ASA members and provided other financial aid for members to lobby for Iran, he said. “In July, 2011, a seminar was conducted under the name of “Role of Sacrifices for Freedom” by some academy members, backed by Iran’s financial support. A book titled “Lessons From History” was distributed among participants. The book was completely against the identity and history of Afghans,” he added.

The photographs of Iranian spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei, were displayed at the seminar, which was also a clear interference of Iran in Afghanistan’s affairs, he added. Since 2011, the academy had conducted three seminars illegally with financial support from Iranian Embassy in Kabul, he said, adding that according to law, no one or no government institution has the authority to invite foreign diplomats or receive overseas funding without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ permission, he added.

The book distributed at the seminar described the 5,000 years old Afghanistan’s history was fake and considered Afghanistan as part of Iran, based on past history, he added.(20120423)

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