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Aloko, Mohammed Ishaq Aleko

Name Aloko, Mohammed Ishaq Aleko
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1939
Function/Grade Ex AG
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Adviser to the Atttorney General (2003)
Deputy Attorney General (2005-2008)
Attorney General ( 20080824-20141019)

3. Biodata Mohammed Ishaq Aloko:
Aloko_IshaqAloko was born in Kandahar. Ishaq completed his middle school in Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. He is also a graduate of the Military High School and the Military Academy of Kabul. The Pashtun Mohammad Ishaq Aloko is from Alokozai tribe, which has roots in Arghandab Valleye (Province Kandahar). The Alkozai are close to the Popolzai – Karzai's tribe - the Barakzai and the Achakzai. 1978 Aloko went to Hamburg, Germany, via Pakistan with his wife and two children. In Hamburg his wife Simar Aloko is still residing .

In Afghanistan his wife was a school teacher. In Germany Aloko studied Law and Administration at Münster-University. Both his children are studying at a university in Germany. During soviet occupation Alko had been arrested a few month and was imprisoned in notorious Pul-i-Charki. Aloko translated Dari and Pashtu for the Hamburg Justice Department and he acted for various Hamburg City offices as a translator also. In the End of 2003 he went to Kabul without his family. In the beginning he was adviser to Attorney General and later he was Deputy Attorney General. Aloko speaks German fluently. In an exclusive interview with TOLOnews, The Afghan Attorney General, Mohammad Ishaq Alako, said cases of nine ministers have been completed and after the formation of a particular court they will be brought to justice (20100923).

There was a fist fight  between Haron Aloko, counselor congress affairs,(son of the Attorney General) and Hassan Sorosh, political counselor. Sources familiar with the incident that happened on 20120207 said Haroon Aloko, the son of Mohammad Ishaq Aloko, had been recalled to Kabul, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 20120211 said an Afghan diplomat in the US had been fired after he fought with colleagues. Afghan Ambassador to US Eklil Ahmad Hakimi was not involved in the incident at all, sources said, refuting media reports that he faced the wrath of Aloko and was beaten up.

Attorney General Muhammad Aloko is rumored to be removed from his position after a secret meeting with Taliban negotiators in the first week of August 2013. He allegedly met members of a Taliban peace negotiation team in Dubai, despite being told by the presidential palace not to attend the meeting. The meeting in Dubai involved other prominent Afghans including members of the government's High Peace Council. In response to news of Aloko's "termination", Mohammad Ismail Qasimyar, a member of the High Peace Council (HPC) and Foreign Relations Advisor, criticized the interference of officials not designated as negotiators in the peace process, indicating his support for President Karzai's decision. (20130819) President Karzai's office has officially denied reports that the President fired Attorney General Mohammad Ishaq Aleko on 20130818, saying that he remains and will continue to remain Afghanistan's top legal advisor.(20130819) The attorney-general's supporters in the cabinet told Karzai Aloko had met the Taliban negotiators in the UAE to discuss the fate of his brother, who had been kidnapped two years ago by the insurgents, and not the peace process. "It was not a legal issue but a personal issue," said an official, when asked about the reason Karzai had not followed through on his decision to sack Aloko. The kidnapping of Aloko's brother had been kept secret. Attempts to negotiate his release had failed.(20130820)

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