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Alishing District Lagman Province Laghman Alishang

Name Alishing District Lagman Province Laghman Alishang
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
History and Biodata

Ali Shing District Alishang District Chief Lagman Province:
Qasim Khan Ahmadzai Ahmadi (20100429),
Faridullah Khan Niazi, Faridullah Neyazai, Fathers Name: Hazrat Ali, Grandfathers Name: Shir Ahmad, married, DOB 1963, Place of Birth: Laghman, Phone 0708289230, (2010, 20110426), killed by roadside bomb (20120812)

Pashtuns represent approximately 58% of the population of Laghman Province. Pashai, Nuristanis and Jatts are also native here, and represent 33% of the population according to some estimates. There is also a Tajik minority of 9%, and a much smaller Punjabi Gujjar population. The people of Laghman are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim.
Dawlat Shah and the northern part of Alisheng district experienced an anti-Taleban mobilisation in the second half of 2012, when the Taleban arrested a former jihadi commander, widely respected in the area because of his belonging to the Mojaddidi family of religious leaders, and executed some of his affiliates. Reportedly, support for his release was strong enough to transcend the different political loyalties of local residents (Hezb-e Islami and Jamiat-e Islami) and their mixed ethnic background (Pashtun, Pashai and Tajik), so that eventually the Taleban had to free him. Once freed, however, he started preaching to people about the need of getting rid of Pakistani-controlled Taleban, and local residents temporarily expelled the insurgents, who mainly relocated to neighbouring Alingar.

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