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Aliabad District Kunduz Province Ali Abad

Name Aliabad District Kunduz Province Ali Abad
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief - Police Chief - Taliban - Warlord
History and Biodata

Aliabad District: District Chief (District Governor):
Haji Habibullah Muhtashim Motasham (20090916), he survived a remote controlled bom attack (20101101)
Hidayatullah Faqiryar Hayatullah Faqiryar (20160601, 20160818)

District Police Chief:
Bariali Basharyar Parwani, (20090905)

Malom Zafar Shah, (Tajik), Mehmood, (Tajik), Jamiat-e-Islami (Fahim) (200610),

Taleban Chief:
Maulawi Noorullah, one of the commanders, who was also acting as the district chief of Ali Abad for the Taliban's shadow government may be killed (20091116),

The Ali abad District is situated in the southern part of Kunduz Province, Afghanistan. It borders with Baghlan Province to the South, Chahar dara District to the West, Kunduz and Khan Abad districts to the North and Takhar Province to the East. The population is 41,700 (2006) consisting of these ethnic groups: * 47% Pashtuns * 33% Tajiks * 12% Hazara * 8% Uzbeks. District under Taliban control (20100420) Taliban captured the center of Aliabad district and a military base after hours of fighting with government forces.(20210613)

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