Afghan Biographies

Azim Khan Nasser-Zia

Name Azim Khan Nasser-Zia
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1949
Function/Grade Ambassador to Oman
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to Oman:
Charge d'Affaires General Consulate Mohammad Gilani (2005-2010),
Charge d´Affaires Azizullah Nasir Zia (20130119, 20160701))

2. Previous Functions of Azim Khan Nasser-Zia:
ADC to King Muhammad Zahir Shah, Chargé d'affaires Afghan Embassy in Rome (1996-1997),
Chief of Protocol MofA (2005-2006),
Consul-General Istanbul since (2006, 2011)
Ambassador to Oman (20160701)

3. Biodata:
nasser_zia-azimAzimu'llah Khan Nasser-Zia [Azim Nasser-Zia] Azizullah Nasser-Zia born 24/25th March 1949. married 1974, Mahbuba Begum, daughter of Sardar Dr 'Abdu'l Satar Khan, by his wife, Jamila Begum, youngest daughter of H.E. Habibu'llah Khan Tarzi, sometime Ambassador to the USA.

He got divorced from his first wife and is now married to Razia Nasser-Zia. Nasser-Zia is a member of the royal family and a grandson of Mahmud Tarzi.

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