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Ishaqzai, Abdul Hakim Brig Gen 2

Name Ishaqzai, Abdul Hakim Brig Gen 2
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Deputy Police Commander 202nd Shamshad Police Zone
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Brig Gen Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai:
Provincial Police Chief Khost (20100828, 20111006)
Provincial Police Chief Logar (2014071, 20150600)
Deputy Commander 202nd Shamshad Zone ANP Police (20160713)

3. Biodata Gen Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai:
Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai Is'haqzai Hakeem Eshaqzai, Khost's police chief has allowed illegal construction of marketplaces in residential areas in the provincial capital after accepting bribes, members of provincial council alleged 20101005. Secretary of the council, Daud Shah Makinzai, told Pajhwok Afghan News Brig. Gen. Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai had been facilitating the construction of illegal markets near residential houses bang in the middle of the city. He accused Ishaqzai of receiving bribes from builders to allow illegal construction, creating problems for residents. Makinzai went on to claim the police chief had provided old and useless weapons to the Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) programme instead of those surrendered by armed groups. He revealed the official was letting vehicles bringing food items from Pakistan enter the city without paying the customs duty. Another member of the council, Gul Muhammad, endorsed the charges. "All members of the council share Makinzai's view," he said.

However, the police chief rejected the allegations as baseless. "If they (council members) can prove me guilty, I am ready to stand trial," Ishaqzai said, adding each council member had sought 28 police personnel for their security The relevant law allowed them only eight policemen, he explained, saying most policemen were relatives of the council members and received salaries at homes. Ishaqzai said he had withdrawn the extra policemen from lawmakers.

A council member's brother, a candidate for last month's parliamentary election, asked police for ballot stuffing in his favour. Ishaqzai said he thwarted the poll runner's bid. "That's why some council members are against me." Mayor of Khost City Jehan Gul admitted illegal construction of markets in the city. However, he said security organs in compliance with an official letter were helping the municipality stop constructions in residential areas. He was not aware if the police chief had received bribes.

A DIAG official, Sherzad, could not say whether the weapons they received were those surrendered. He said their job was to accept weapons, not to investigate where they came from. Head of the trader union in Khost City, Jamal Tanai, said they had no knowledge who was involved in the construction of illegal shops in residential areas. "We have the right to know about the construction of new markets and shops as we have a major role in the construction sector. But we don't know who is behind the new constructions." About the entry of vehicles into the city without taxes being paid, he said the entry was possible through smuggling routes. But he had no proof of the police chief's involvement.

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