Afghan Biographies

Air Companies in Afghanistan as of 2011

Name Air Companies in Afghanistan as of 2011
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade National and intl Aircompanies operating in Afghanistan
History and Biodata

Afghan Air Companies Airlines:
1. Ariana Afghan Airlines (semi state owned)
2. Safi Airways (Private)
3. Kam Air (Private)
4. Pamir Airways (Private)
5. TRYCO (Private, Heavy lift Mi-8MTV helicopters, passengers or cargo)

Air Companies connected to Afghanistan:
1. Air India
2. Pakistan International Airways (PIA)
3. Iran Air
4. Asemani Airlines
5. Azerbaijan Airlines Azal
6. Askari Aviation (Pakistan)
7. Turkish Airlines
8. Kalitta Air (USA based Company)
9. Qatar Airways
10. Coyne Airways (London and Dubai based, military cargo)
11. Air Cargo Germany (Cargo)

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Established 2010-05-24