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Mallok, Sayed Malik Malook Maj Gen

Name Mallok, Sayed Malik Malook Maj Gen
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade ex ANA Commander
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Gen. Sayed Mallok:
Director of Operations for the Afghan National Army General Staff (20041030),
Commander 215th Corps (20100204),

3. Biodata:
mallok_sayed_gen_majBrig Gen Sayed Mallok was promoted to Maj Gen (20101002).

215th Corps: HQ 215th Corps "Maiwand", Based in Lashkar Gah, Capital of Helmand Province, Elements of 2nd Brigade, 215th Corps, have been reported at FOB Delaram, Farah Province (2010), Mission 215th "Maiwand" Corps: 215th "Maiwand Corps" will cover all parts of Helmand, half of Farah and most parts of southwestern Nimroz province. 215th "Maiwand" Corps will have 3 Brigades and a Afghan commando battalion, which will graduate in 2010 January and then head to Lashkar Gah. Background 20091201: Afghan government has approved a new seventh corps of the Afghan National Army — Corps 215 Maiwand — to be based in the Helmand capital of Lashkar Gah where the first fresh U.S. troops are expected to arrive. The Afghans have vowed to deploy 5,000 members of the new Afghan army corps to Helmand, to be partnered by British and later by US troops in 2010. 20100128: Afghan National Army Training Command, Major General Aminullah Karim, handed over graduation certificate to the commander of the 215th Maiwand Military Corps during a graduation ceremony of the corps. The 215th Maiwand Military corps was established in southern Helmand province in line with security needs. The force of first brigade completed theoretical trainings.
On Dec. 5, 2014 after the latest infiltration of Camp Shorab, the commander of the 215th Corps, Gen. Sayid Moluk, was dismissed and replaced by Gen. Dadan Lawang, according to Afghan officials, who declined to confirm whether the unplanned change of command was related to the attack. Afghan National Army’s main base in Helmand Province, Camp Shorab Maidan, formerly called Camp Bastion when it served as Britain’s main base in Afghanistan.(20141222)

Forward Operating Base Delaram 1 officially opened as an exclusively Afghan National Army owned and operated base, March 14, 2011. Two Kandaks, or ANA battalions, will live at and operate from the base. 6th Kandak, 2nd Bridgade, 215th Corps,  took  up residence. 1st Kandak will also operate from the base. The town of Delaram is in the middle of four major roads and highways, including Highway 1, which circles all of Afghanistan. Its location will allow the 2nd brigade and it’s Kandaks to mobilize quickly for operations in every cardinal direction. The new base contains 16 buildings that will allow the ANA to be more self-sufficient from coalition forces. With a communications facility, barracks, a dining facility, and maintenance bays, the base can hold more than 1,000 troops.(20111030)

4th Kandak, a combat support Btn, in Marjah, Helmand Province will support 1st Brigade, 215th Corps ANA with an engineer company, a reconnaissance company and an artillery company.(20110524)

Afghan National Army 215th Corps, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Battalion, opened its new headquarters in Gareshk Gereshk —not more than 10 miles west of Yakhchal, along Highway 1—on Sept. 22, 2011, The facility is named “Haitullah Camp.”(20111017). The 1,200-square-foot facility was designed to accommodate 150 people. It contains five billeting structures, one LSS and one dining facility in addition supporting facilities for storage, refrigeration and septic facilities. It is protected by four guard posts, a guard shack and two gates.

6th Kandak 3rd Bde  215th Korps will be in  Gereshk (20120300)

6th Kandak 2nd Bde 215th Corps will be in  Kash Rod (20120600)

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