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Aimaq, Haji Fazel Karim Fazal Kareem Aymaq

Name Aimaq, Haji Fazel Karim Fazal Kareem Aymaq
Ethnic backgr. Aimaq
Date of birth 1952
Function/Grade Ex MP MNA
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Kabul Mayor (2001-2002)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Kunduz,
Wolesi Jirga Candidate 2010 MP MNA Kunduz Konduz Kundus,

3. Biodata:
Aimaq_KarimFazal Karim Aimaq Faisal Fazel Fazl was born 1952 and was an Independent member of the Wolesi Jirga. In 2005 elections he baged third most votes in Kunduz Province. Aimaq was the Chairman of the Standing Commission on the International Affairs. He was not reelected in 2010. Fazel Karim Aimaq is a member: of the National United Front.(20070425), of the High Peace Council (20100928), of the Afghan Constitutional Loya Jirga in Committee 2. In his capacity as the mayor of Kabul, Fazel Karim Aimaq, resigned in protest at criticism by Karzai of his running of the capital’s affairs (20020730)

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