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PC Logar has 9 Members including 3 women.
Dr Abdul Wali Wakil Wakeel PC Council Head (20110318, 20120606, 20130721)

An emergency shipment for bomb victims of July 2011 incident in Logar Province never arrived and this contributed to the deaths of at least ten people in the weeks following the attack. A parliamentary fact-finding mission uncovered evidence of wrongdoing. A five-month investigation in Afghanistan now suggests that the supplies were stolen and then sold off on the open market. The evidence points to the chairman of Logar’s provincial council, Dr Abdul Wali Wakil, who denies all allegations of wrongdoing.(20130613)

1 Abdul Hakim Suleiman Khel, Suleman, Suliman Khil, 5012 11.1%, PC Council Head (20100321),
2 Dr Bdalvly lawyer Dr Abdul Wali Wakil 4075 9.0%
3 Qazi Allah (Hoqmal) 3514 7.8%
4 Haji دورګل 2801 6.2%
2734 6.1% 5 Hedayat Allah
6 Abdullah Ahmadzai 2089 4.6%, runs a personal business in Dubai and is seldom seen at PC Meetings (20100319), killed 20101128.
7 Homa (U.S.) 788 1.7%
8 Nafiseh (Hjran) Nafeesa Hijran 583 1.3%, is not attending meetings of the PC, because she is working for the Serena Hotel in Kabul (20100319),
9 Turquoise (Ahmadzai) 491 1.1%

  1. Dr. Abdul Walli Wakeel

Son of Abdul Wakeel, Dr. Abdul Walli Wakeel belongs to Ahmadzi tribe. He is born in 1977 at Akbar Khail village, District Azra of Logar province.
He spent a large period of his life in immigration in Peshawar. He graduated from Ettihad High School in 1998. Later, Wakeel got admission in the Medical University of Nagarhar Province where he earned his graduation in 2004 with high grades. He discharged duties with the Ministry of Health, UNAMA, USAID, UNICEF and IRC.
He widely studied administration and religion. He has the credit to memorize the holy Quran and a number of Hadiths with interpretation. He is fluent in speaking Pashto, Dari, English and Arabic languages 
Wakeel got elected as member of provincial council in 2009. Currently, he is the head of Provincial Council.
Contact No: 0770600700
2.  Haji Gulam Yahya Ahmadzi:

Haji GulamYahya Ahmadzi is the son of Mullah Alam. He is born in 1961 at Koz iChotri village of Azra District. He had the opportunity to study up to 9th class at Imam Abu Hanifa Madrassa in Kabul.
He was Paktia Province’s head of Jammiat Party during Jihad times. However, after victory of Mujahideen, he served as a director general of assets department at Ministry of Internal Affairs. His military rank was colonel. He started his own business after retirement.  
In 2009, he was elected as member of provincial council. Currently, he is working as an assistant at Provincial Council.
Contact No: 0799327558
3. Wali Khan Samim:

Son of Jilani, Walli Khan Samim is born in 1966 at Khushal Kahil village of Azra District. He also hails from Ahmadzi tribe.
Samim though received education up to 9th class, he got short course in nursing, which led him to open a medical store in his native town. He is member of Hizb-e-Islami and become member of Provincial Council one month after the death of Provincial Council Assistant Abdul Hakim.
Contact No: 0770719090
4. Haji Dawar Gul Ahmadzi:

Son of Hazrat Gul, Haji Dawar Gul is born in 1959 at Bero village of Azra District. He belongs to Ahmadzi tribe.
He completed his primary education at his native town and then went to Rahman Baba High School in Kabul for secondary education. He was director of Azra High School during the Taliban regime. Dawar Gul Ahmadzi served as commander of Harkt-e-Inqilab-e-Islami.
He has his own business and lives in Lagman province for the last 12 years. He served as secretary of the Provincial Council.
Contact No: 0783140408
5. Abdul Khaliq Khairkhwa:

Abdul Khaliq Khirkhaw is the son of Bismillah Wakeel. He is born in 1975 in Dargi village of Azra District. He hails from Kharoti tribe.
He got education up to 12th class at Hazrat Ali High School in Hango, Pakistan. Khirkhwa graduated from high school in 1997 and then served as teacher at intermediate school at Merzakhail in Azra District.
From 2003 to 2007, he was worker of national integration in Azrah. He has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 0795914418
6. Mrs. Huma Ahadi:

Huma Ahadi is the daughter of Sayed Ahmad Hashmi who is born in 1975 in Sayed Habibullah village of Pol-e-Alam city. She completed her primary education at Daqiqi Balkhi School and went to Ayesha Durrani High School for intermediate education. She studied secondary classes at Bibi Fatimah High School in Pol-e-Alam city. In 2011, she graduated from science branch of Logar Pedagogical Institute.
Ahadi served as teacher at different schools from 1992 to 2009. Later, she joined the United Nation Commission for Refugee Affairs, Independent Election Commission, National Integration regional office, trainer for primary studies and other different assignments.
Apart from being member of Provincial Council, she is member of Logar people council and member of peace council of provincial branch.
Contact No: 0799382888
7. Mrs. Firoza Ahmadzi:

Daughter of Dr. Abd-ur-Rehman, Firoza Ahmadzi is born in 1983 in Akbar Khail village of Azra District. Spending most part of her life in Kabul, she studied at Shah Shaheed High School up to 12th class.
She enjoyed twice as member of Logar Provincial Council but following her domestic problems, she has been absent from attending the Provincial Council for months.
8. Mrs. Nafeesa Hijran:

Nafeesa Hijran is the daughter of Mohammad Ali. She is born in 1979 in Ali Khan Kala of Pol-e-Alam city. She completed her secondary education at Shaheed Saadi High School, Pol-e-Alam city and earned her graduation from a high school on 2008.
She pursued higher education at the science branch at Logar Pedagogical Institute with earning graduation in 2012. She discharged duties as a teacher and worked at the district zone offices of Logar and Paktia Provinces.
Contact No: 0793591029 



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