Afghan Biographies

Liwal, Abdul Ghafoor Ghafur

Name Liwal, Abdul Ghafoor Ghafur
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ambassador to Iran
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassador to Iran:
Mohammad Omar Daudzai (2005 - 2007),
Yahya Marufi (20091122),
Obaidullah Obaid Abidollah Abid (20101211 - 20120305)
Shah Mardanqol, charge d’affaires in Tehran (20120512)
Basir Ahmad Noor Dr. Nasir Ahmad Noor (20121202, 20130926-20180908 sacked)
Abdolghafor Lival (20190707, 20200613)

2. Previous Functions:
Center for Cooperation Afghanistan (1997-2001)
Constitutional Commission Press Officer (20021005, 20030717)
Senior analyst with the Centre for Regional Studies of Afghanistan (RSCA), a government-funded think-tank in Kabul (20071117).
Chairman of the Centre for Regional Studies in Kabul (20090720, 20100921, 20110328, 20150123)
Acting Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs (20170526)
Ambassador to Iran (20190707, 20200613)

3. Biodata
liwal_ghafurAbdul Ghafoor Lewal Ghafoor Laiwal Abdolghafor Lival Ghafour Lewal: a Humphrey Scholar, is studying at the UA, hoping to bring the United States' free press back to his homeland. Liwal was one of six Humphrey Scholars from Afghanistan who was studying English at the UA for six months. The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, part of the Fulbright Scholar Program, brings international professionals to the United States. According to the Institute of International Education Web site, the fellowship establishes relationships with people of other countries to exchange knowledge. The UA Afghan students were awarded the fellowship because of their professional achievements and public service.(2004) Abdul Ghafour Liwal is now a Political analyst and writer.  In 1999, the Taliban threatened Liwal  and his news agency while he was researching a human rights group, because Taliban members were angered by the work the group was doing. From 1997 to 2001, he reported on human rights in southern Afghanistan for an NGO called the Center for Cooperation of Afghanistan. In 2001 Liwal wrote a book "Arshak and Oshas (poetry collection) [Pashtu]" In 1999, the Taliban threatened Liwal and his news agency while he was researching a human rights group, because Taliban members were angered by the work the group was doing.

At the behest of President Karzai, Lewal established the Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan in early 2007 to inform government foreign policy on the complex political and tribal relationships of Central Asia, a first for Afghanistan. Lewal, now director of the center, supervises five research institutes that investigate politics, culture, history and economics in Afghanistan and neighboring countries. The center publishes a trilingual quarterly journal and organizes regular conferences with scholars and politicians.

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