Afghan Biographies

Lalpurwal, Abdul Khaliq

Name Lalpurwal, Abdul Khaliq
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Attorney Department Kunduz Head
History and Biodata

Abdul Khaliq Lalpurwal, head of the attorney department in Kunduz, Chiefprosecutor (20100827).

Lalpurwal briefed the Media on the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women in Kunduz (20100307): "This law has been enacted in accordance with the provisions set forth in Articles 24 and 54 of the Afghan Constitution which is protecting the human dignity and maintaining family integrity," said Kunduz Chief Prosecutor Abdul Khaliq Lalpurwal.

The chief prosecutor explained the 22 acts deemed as constituting violence against women according to the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women. "Prohibiting from the right to education, work and access to health services are the acts of violence which women will be protected against based on the law," added Mr Lalpurwal.

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Established 2010-08-27