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Kunar PC 2009

Name Kunar PC 2009
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Kunar Members 2009 PC
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Final Certified Provincial Council Results: Kunar 20-Dec-09 01:30 PM

Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Rafi Allah (Heidari) 9489 8.7%
2 Haji Mian Hussain Adil Hasan Adel  8733 8.0%, Provincial Council Chief (20100703, 20110727, 20120208),
3 Sydskndrshah Sadat 4222 3.8%
4 Nurridin Haji Nooruddin 4070 3.7%
5 Haji Mhmdamyn 3.5% 3892
6 Mohammad Esmaeel Haji Mohammad Ismael 3838 3.5%
7 الحاج Astaz Tvraj 585 0.5%
8 Soheila (Babur) Suhaila Babur 303 0.3%
9 تورپیکۍ Rasouli 174 0.2%

Haji Sultan Sediqi Haji Sultan Sadiqi, Secretary to the Provincial Council Kunar 2009
Nasrullah Safi (20130510) is also a Hezb-e-Islami leader.

Biographies of Kunar Provincial Council members

1- Alhaj Mian Hassan Adil:
Son of Shaheed Mirza Mohammad, Mian Hassan Adil is born on 1971 in Barkandi village, a hamlet in district Manogi of Kunar province .He studied up to 12th class and served as regional commander of Hizb-e-Islami during Jihad. Soon after the Mujahideen victory, Hassan Adil withdrew his political affiliation and now no longer associated with any political party. For the last four years, he serves as head of provincial council.
Contact No: 0700660668
2- Engineer Mohammad Ismail Shinwarai:
Engineer Mohammad Isamail Shinwari is the son of Gul Mohammad Shah. He is born in 1962 in Mula Alam village, district Shigal of Kunar province. He discharged his duties with DACAR, UNICEF and UNHCR in various capacities. Shinwari has politically affiliation with Hizb-e-Islami and currently he is the deputy head of provincial council.
Contact No: 07715574903
3- Sultan Sadiqi:
Son of Gul Faraz, Sultan Sadiqi is born in 1978 in Sri Dari village, a small village in district Angam of Kunar province. He graduated from Nangarhar high school in 1979. Politically, he is affiliated with the Hizb-e-Islami party. Currently, he is secretary of provincial council.
4-Nasrullah Sapi:
Son of Mohammad Hazir, Nasrullah Sapi is born in 1977 at Gul Salak village in Chapi Dari district of Kunar province. He got his education up to 14th and worked as head of health department in 2002. Later, he became district chief of Marwi, Sarkan and Gazi Abad districts in 2010. He has political affiliation with Hizb-e-Islami party.
Contact No: 0777995233
5-Sayed Sikandar Shah Sadat:
Sayed Sikandar Shah Sadat is the son of Sayed Habib Shah Sadat. He is born in 1973 in Yar Gul village, capital of Asad Abad of Kunar province. He is 12th class graduated and served as teacher. He has no political affiliation. Currently, he is member of the provincial council.
Contact No: 0700640623
6-Noor-ul-Din Sapi:
Son of Noor-ul-Hakim, Noor-u-Din is born in 1974 in Barkandi village, district Manogi of Kunar province. He is 12th class graduated. He has political affiliation with Jabha-a-Melli.
Contact No: 0777788103
7- Mrs. Sahila Babar:
Sahila Babar is the daughter of Mohammad Jan. She is born in 1964 in Damkali village, the capital of Asad Abad. She has up to 14th class education. She worked in different government and nongovernment organizations.
Contact No: 0700641356
8- Mrs. Ustad Torajah:
Daughter of Akbar Khan, Ustad Torajah is born in 1970 at Damkali village, the capital of Asad Abad. She worked as a teacher for 16 long years. She graduated from Kunar pedagogical Institute in 2012. She has political affiliation with the Hizb-e-Islami party.
Contact No: 0700669711
9- Mrs. Torpiki Rasolli:
Daughter of Rasool Khan, Torpiki Rasolli is born of 1973 in Damkali village, the capital of Asad Abad. She is 12th class graduated and worked in different government and nongovernment organizations for fourteen years. She has no political affiliation with any political party.
Contact No: 0700644331

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