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Khosti, Mrs. Qamer Qamar

Name Khosti, Mrs. Qamer Qamar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Ex-MP MNA
History and Biodata

Qamar Khosti
Mobile: 070 286 393

2. Previous Functions:
Meshrano Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Khost appointed

3. Biodata:
Qamar Khosti, daughter of Shir Ahmad Khosti, was born in the Mandozi district of Khost province in 1960. She completed her primary education at Nazo Ana School and her secondary education at Zarghuna High School in Kabul. In 1979, she worked as a teacher and in 1980 she joined the Faculty of Education of Nangarhar University. In 1983, she received a bachelor's degree in education. As a result of the war, Khosti traveled to Pakistan in 1984 where she spent 13 years. During this time, she taught Afghan refugee children in her neighborhood. Khosti returned to Afghanistan after the establishment of the interim government in 2002. She then volunteered with the Afghan Academic Association in Khost province. Khosti is a member and the Deputy Chairperson in the Disabled, Martyr, Gender and Cicil Society Committee 2010.

She is married and has seven children.

She speaks Pashto, Dari and English.

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