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Khodaidad Lt Gen Khudaidad

Name Khodaidad Lt Gen Khudaidad
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1955
Function/Grade Ex Minister
History and Biodata

1. Former Chiefs of Staff Ministry of Defense (MoD):
Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi Khan (2002 - 20100628),
Lt.Gen Khodaidad (20100628 -2013 ),

2. Previous Functions Lt Gen Khodaidad:
Afghan Army (1977-1992)
First Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics since 2005,
Acting Minister of Counter Narcotics (2007),
Minister of Counter Narcotics (2008),
Chief of Staff Ministry of Defense (MoD) (20100628 -2013)

3. Biodata:
KhodaidadLt Gen General Khodaidad was born in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan on 12 February 1955. Young Khodaidad at that a time completed his primary education at well known school called Shahristan Primary School in 1967 and then received his high school diploma in 1972 from the Kabul military High school. General Khodaidad also holds a graduate degree from National Defense Academy (NDA), The India Military Academy (IMA), and from Fronza Military Academy- Moscow.

Gen. Khodaidad was appointed to serve as Minister of Counter Narcotics in March 2008. He had served as the First Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics since 2005. On July 5, 2007, when former Counter Narcotics Minister Habibullah Qaderi resigned, Khodaidad became Acting Minister of Counter Narcotics. President Hamid Karzai formally named him to the position on February 4, 2008 and he was confirmed by the Afghan Parliament on March 1, 2008. From 1977 till 1992 Colonel General Khodaidad Served in Afghan Army.

His military career: 1977: Platoon Commander and Instructor of reserve School of Ministry of Defense. 1978: Company commander of military police of 29th Regiment Ministry of 1978: Commander of reconnaissance Company of 29th Regiment of Ministry of Defense. 1979: Commander of Battalion of 37th Paratrooper Brigade Stationed in Logar Province. 1980: Commander of 2nd Training Battalion of 444 Paratrooper Brigade. 1981: Operational Director of 444 Paratroopers brigade 1982: Chief of staff of 444 Paratrooper Brigade. 1983: Commander of 444 paratroopers Brigade. 1984: Second in Command of 2nd Division. 1985: Commander of 2nd Division of Army. 1987: Commander of 14th Division of Ghazni Province and head of Defense council of Ghazni and wardak Province also commander of operational Groups of Ghazni, wardak and Centeral Afghanistan. 1990: Commander 54th Division and Chief of staff of No.6th Corp of Kunduz in North East Zone. 1990: Commander of operational groups of Takhar province the North Eastern Zone. Lt Gen Khodaidad during his years in military received 52 prestigious medals in different fields.

After the fall of Dr. Najibullah’s Government in 1992 the coalition Government of mujahideen came into power and he was made  Minister of National Security of Islamic State of Afghanistan (1992). After 1992 General Khodaidad left the country and took refuge in United Kingdom.

LtCol Gen. Khodaidad is a good horse rider and used to play polo and received numerous awards and its worth to mention that he received Blazer from National Defense Academy of India (NDA) by the hands of Late Indian leader and Prime Minister Ms. Indra Gandhi. He has also received Blue from Indian Military Academy (IMA).

He is supported by Hesb-e-Wahdat and Vicepresident Karim Khalili. President Hamid Karzai has chosen the former minister for counter narcotics, Khudaidad to replace General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, as the Afghan National Army Chief of Staff, as Khan is his cabinet nominee for the slot of interior minister, it was reliably learnt on 20100620.

Khodaidad can speak Dari, Pashto and Russian.

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