Afghan Biographies

Kashaf, Mawlawi Qiam ud Din Maulavi Qiamuddin

Name Kashaf, Mawlawi Qiam ud Din Maulavi Qiamuddin
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1945
Function/Grade National Ulema Council Chairman
History and Biodata

1. Afghanistan Ulema Council Head Afghanistan's General Council of Ulema:
Fazal Hadi Shinwari (died in a Hospital in India)
Former Deputy Maulvi Qayamuddin Kashaf now de facto Chairman (20100615)
Qeyamuddin Kashaf Qeyamouddin Kashaf (20140911, 20170315, 20170618, 20180428)

Spokesman for the Afghanistan Ulema Council:
Mohammad Qasim Halimi Mohammad Qasim Haleemi (20150612, 20170413)

2. Previous Functions:
Interim Supreme Court Justice (2005-2006),
Afghan Peace Jirgas deputy chairman (20100605),
Deputy Head Afghanistan Ulema Council· (20100615),
Chairman President of Afghanistan Ulama Council (20170315)
High Council / Commission of Peace and Reconcilliation HPC (201006) Member,
National Ulema Council Chairman (20140911, 20170618)

3. Biodata:
Kashaf_QiyamuddinMaulvi Qiamuddin Kashaf Mawlawi Qiam ud din Kashaf Mawlawi Qayamudden Kashaf Mawlavi Qeyamuddin Kashaf was born 1945 in Bada Khel which is a small village of District Alingar of province Laghman in Afghanistan. He lost his father early in his life when he was a child his father was also Mullah - his name was Mawlawi Sarfiraz Khan - so he started to get Islamic education and studied Islamic studies in different Madrassas.

Has no official degree but he performed his services in many way for Afghanistan. From the beginning he worked as director of Guidance and Information of Islam (Dawat o Irshad ) in the Ministry of Information and Culture then he also got many promotions in his field. At the beginning of the Revolution of Afghanistan he migrated (Hegira) to Pakistan in 1357. When the seven (7) Jihadi parties were formed, he joined Ettehad e Islami and worked as Deputy head of the Ettehad e Islami party at Jihad time which was  headed by Prof. Abdurab Rasool Sayyaf.

During the Regime of Mujaheddin when Prof. Burhan ud in Rabbani was president of Afghanistan he was the Cabinet minister of the Information and Culture Ministry.·

After the demise of Shikhul Hadith Mawlawi Fazal Hadi Shinwari suffering a stroke in a hospital in India Kashaf is the not elected but de facto head of the National Ulema Council, which is under control of the Karzai Government.

The Ulema Council chief, Mawlawi Qiamuddin Kashaf, urged president Karzai to abolish the Ulema Council and the current Dar-ul-Efta authority in the Supreme Court and establish the new Dar-ul-Efta with full executive authorities. Kashaf asked President Karzai to be a member of the new Dar-ul-Efta. "When a Dar-ul-Efta issues a fatwa, it should be enforced by the judicial institutions and police if not it will be an insult to Islam and I am 100 per cent against establishment of such authority," said Kashaf.(20121125)

Kashaf is married and has children.

He speaks Pushtu, Dari, Urdu and a bit English.

The National Ulema Council, composed of 3,000 mullahs from across the country, has long been counted on to spread a pro-government message to remote villages and keep the Karzai administration informed about popular opinion. The administration pays each mullah a monthly stipend of about $100 and in return expects support for its agenda.

350 Ulema Council members made headlines at a meeting in August 2010 when they voted to demand that Karzai implement sharia law, a strict Islamic code that includes severe punishments, such as death by stoning for adultery. That was the method the Taliban chose in August 2010 for the executions of a young couple who had eloped.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's administration is struggling to shore up support from the influential National Islamic council, which appears to be shifting to more conservative, anti-government views at a time when it is being asked to play a key role in persuading Taliban insurgents to surrender their arms.

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