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Karzai, Mahmood Mahmoud

Name Karzai, Mahmood Mahmoud
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1955
Function/Grade Minister of Urban Development Authority MUDL
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Urban Development Authority (MUDA, MUDLA), MUDL:
Yousef Pashtun (2004-2009)
Sultan Hussein rejected by Parliament, served as acting Minister (2010-2012)
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Minister of Urban Development (2012035, 20130531 - 20140930 )
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Acting Minister of Urban Development (20141001)
acting Minister of Urban Development Hamed Jalil (20141209)
Sadat Mansoor Naderi (20150418, 20161114) stepped down (20180612)
Roshan Walusman introduced as the acting minister of urban development and housing (20180613)
Mohammad Jawad Paikar (2018114) acting
Mahmood Karzai (20200602) nominated and acting. Confirmed (20201130)

Spokeswoman for the ministry of urban development:
Nilofar Langar (20170405, 20180306)

Construction affairs deputy minister:
Sayed Nasir Khaliq 820180613)
Housing affairs deputy minister:
Aziz Ahmad Gulistani (20180613)
Urban affairs deputy besides serving as acting minister:
Roshan Walusmal (20180613)
Enterprises affairs deputy minister:
Humayoun Faiz (20180613)

Afghanistan's Land Authority merging with MUDH.(20181115)

The following officials of MUDA were accused and suspended May 28, 2015 of corruption charges involving millions of dollars in several urban development and housing projects:
Ahmadshah Hemat, Urban Development Director,
Gul Rahim Ziarmal, Plan and Policy Director,
Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion,
Mohammad Aminullah Amin, Director of Property and Accommodation
Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise,
Syed Aman Sadat, Director Finance Apartments Cohesion
At least three of the suspended officials from the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA) are missing: Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise, and Syed Aman Sadat, Manager Finance Apartments Cohesion.(20150530)  The three tainted officials were trying to cross the border into Tajikistan when police arrested them in Sheghnan district in the morning (June 08, 2015), Mohammad Amin Qani, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar and Sayed Amanullah Sadaat.(20150608)
The special tribunal formed to try the officials in corruption cases jailed four Afghan officials for 20 and 7 years each and a total fine of 1.86 billion Afghanis on charges of embezzlement. The four officials belonging to the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing appeared before the special tribunal on Monday Mar 27, 2017 as their open public trial official kicked off in Kabul.

Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion and Syed Aman Sadat, Manager Finance Apartments Cohesion were jailed for 20 years each on charges of the embezzlement and misuse of the authority. They were also fined 150 million Afghanis each.

The two other officials, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise and Mohammad Yaqub Ibrahimi, the Deputy Director for Housing Enterprise, were jailed for seven years each. The special tribunal also awarded a fine of 443 million for each of the former officials on charges of the embezzlement and misuse of the authority.(20170327)

Afghanistan Land Authority ARAZI  Afghanistan Independent Land Authority (ARAZI) is getting merged with the Ministy of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) (20181114)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
Ahmad Shaheer Shahriar (20101023)
Mohammad Jawad Paikar (20140422, 20161011, 20181001)

Afghanistan Land Authority has to coordinate land issues and ease land management across the country. Afghanistan Land Authority (ARAZI) is the state of art public entity established as project in September 2009, within the framework of the Government of Afghanistan, and later as a fully legal autonomous entity aimed to remove major national economic constraints, by improving access to governmental lands for commercial activities. The reform takes place through targeting the lack of standardized, efficient and transparent land management services. ARAZI is established as a single reference point for both domestic and international investors, interested to invest in any kind of legal activities on public land in Afghanistan. The mandate of this authority is to coordinate its activities with the Afghan government, line ministries, donors and private sector organizations to ensure that land needed for productive investment is made readily available throughout the country.

2. Biodata Mahmood Karzai:
Minister of Urban Development and Housing (20201130)
3. Biodata:
Karzai_MahmoodMahmoud Karzai was born 1955 in Kandahar Province. He is a elder brother of President Hamid Karzai.  Before 20010911 Mahmoud Karzai had Helmand Restaurant in San Francisco, Helmand Restaurant in Cambridge, MA., Viva Burritos in Boston, MA., Tampico Mexican Grill in Baltimore (2004) - less than two years later, he recast the place as a french restaurant, Limoges Gourmet. He has land rights in Oakland, CA., land rights in Orinda., CA., property in Glenwood, MD., a commercial building in Baltimore, MD., a parking lot business near his restaurant in San Francisco, land rights and a parking lot business next to his building in Baltimore in Maryland.

Mahmoud Karzai has major interest in the Afghanistan's only cement factory, its dominant bank, its most ambitious real estate development, its only Toyota distributorship and four coal mines”. His real estate project in Kandahar, it is governed by five partners who take pride in approaching a province overwhelmed with security problems that others consider too risky. All income from the sales of this project is held within the company bank accounts as refundable deposits.

This is because the Ministry of Defense refuses to turn the land over to the Kandahar municipality, which it rightly belongs to. His contract is with the municipality of Kandahar, which, of course, wholly supports the project due to the amount of development we continue to achieve in such a volatile region. In order to implement the real estate project, called Aynomina, Mahmoud Karzai obtained loans from OPIC based on his credit and his equity.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan said: “People in business would come to me and complain that Mahmoud always wanted a percentage of the new businesses!" Karzai took on his biggest venture when he and other investors assumed control of Afghanistan’s only cement factory. Operating rights for the plant were put for auction by the Ministry of Mines, and Karzai and his partners won when they were the only bidders to show up with 25 million in cash required that. Ashraf Ghani, a former Afghan finance minister said that when president Karzai asked him to join his government, he was concerned about the potential for insider dealing by the Karzai Family.

Mahmud Karzai, the president's brother and third-largest shareholder of Kabul Bank with a 7% stake, says the lender's assets are roughly equal to the $1.3 billion in deposits. Afghanistan's central bank had forced out the lender's chairman and chief executive—its two biggest shareholders—amid allegations they made hundreds of millions of dollars in sometimes clandestine loans to themselves and Afghan government insiders.

Kabul Bank's former chairman, Sherkhan Farnood, used bank money to buy more than $150 million in properties in Dubai in his and his wife's name. Large loans were given to powerful Afghans, including brothers of President Karzai and First Vice President Muhammad Fahim. U.S. officials say the bank used one of Afghanistan's traditional hawala money transfer outfits to move hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country in an apparent attempt to avoid detection, though it is not clear what the money was then used for.

U.S. prosecutors have launched a criminal probe of Mahmood Karzai one of the brothers of Afghan President Hamid Karzai to determine whether he should be charged with tax evasion, racketeering, or extortion, according to unnamed sources quoted in "The Wall Street Journal." The paper notes that "any move to indict Mahmood Karzai, who is a U.S. citizen, carries huge risks for American officials, whose anticorruption efforts have often provoked sharp backlashes from President Karzai." Mahmud Karzai, a brother of Afghanistan's president, has told RFE/RL he has renounced his U.S. citizenship to launch a political career. He would not confirm on January 24 whether he intended to run in Afghanistan's 2014 presidential election.(20130124)


"Mahmoud Karzai himself made more than 10 forged trading licenses – it still exists in the files – and he received loans on the basis of that. So then, why is he not now investigated by the judicial bodies? " Sibghatullah Tamim the lawyer of Shir Khan Farnood (Kabil Bank) asked.(20130210) Mahmoud said that any reports of him owing money were false. He made the statement after the special tribunal chief Shams Rahman Shams stated that he and Fahim still owed money to Kabul Bank.

Afghanistan based Pashtu language newspaper Benawa recently published a report citing Mahmoud Karzai as saying that, “It is no more important for me that Pashtuns should remain in power, since the Pashtun leaders have not served Afghanistan to their best during the past 300 years. We (offspring of Ahmadshah Baba and Mirwais Nika ) should stop deceiving ourselves and others.”(20130513)
Mahmud Karzai, the elder brother of President Hamid Karzai endorsed Abdullah Abdullah in the second round of 2014 presidential election.(20140526)

Mahmood Karzai said during a meeting with the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi that Kandahar entrepreneurs are planning to build a medicines manufacturing company with the support of the Indian experts. He introduced several areas planned for the establishment of the factory in Aino Meena township of Kandahar city.(20170706)

Mahmood Karzai, the brother of the former president Hamid Karzai was also a shareholder of Kabul bank and, alongside Fahim’s uncle, there have been concerns that he sought to use his closeness to the very top of Afghanistan’s leadership to assist in protecting the bank from greater scrutiny.

In an email, Mahmood Karzai confirmed ownership of a property in Dubai and said he had lived in the country since 2007. He denied any wrongdoing or corruption, and said he had attempted to sue the private investigation firm Kroll for a report it wrote alleging misconduct on his part in Afghanistan.(20191104)

Mahmud Karzai was nominated as minister of Urban Development and Housing with 154 out of 248 votes. (20201130) 


Karzai has US citizenship.

He speaks Pashtu and English.

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