Afghan Biographies

Mir, Haroun Haroon

Name Mir, Haroun Haroon
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1966
Function/Grade Afghanistan's Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS)
History and Biodata

2. Former Functions of Haroon Mir:
Adviser Ahmed Shah Massood (1969-2001),
Policy analyst for French Company SIG and Partners Afghanistan,

3. Biodata Haroon Mir:
Haroun_MirHaroun Mir is an U.S.-educated Afghan analyst in Kabul and one of the three founders of Afghanistan's Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS). He served as an advisor to late Ahmad Shah Massoud from 1993-99. Lately, he has been working as an independent consultant and analyst in Kabul for various national and international clients. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, in France and a graduate degree in Economics from George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

Mir has published widely on the development of Afghanistan. His work has appeared in the International Herald Tribune, the Times of India, the Hindu Business Line, Asia Times Online, and the Johns Hopkins’ Central Asia Caucasus Institute Analysis. He is a critic of President Karzai's administration.

Haroun Mir stood unsuccessfully in the parliamentary polls from Kabul in 2010.

ACRPS is a think tank based in Kabul, that conducts policy research, analysis and advocacy. ACRPS was founded in December 2007 by three Afghans who shared a common vision for the future of Afghanistan: a democratic country that acknowledges internationally accepted values such as human rights, and an economically viable state that can harness the benefits of the free market. ACRPS has grown substantially during its first six moths and has quickly become a respected and valued research institution in Kabul that works with decision-makers in government, international institutions, foreign donors, civil society and the private sector in finding ways to improve the well being of the Afghan people.

Other members of ACRPS:
Board of Directors Ms. Nilofar Sakhi, Country Director, Open Society Institute, Mr. Shafiq Gawhari, Director of Economic Programs, GTZ Afghanistan, Mr. Saad Mohseni, Co-founder and Chairman of Moby Media Group, Mr. Haroun Mir,Co-founder and Director of ACRPS: Mr. Ahmad Idrees, Co-founder, ACRPS and PhD Candidate, RAND, Mr. Nassim Akbar, Deputy Director of investment support agency.

Address of ACRPS:
Kartay-e-Se, Pul-e- Surkh Street No. 7 Kabul E-mail: Phone: 0093752041396 Post box: Central Post Box Kabul, Afghanistan, 5855

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