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Hamidi, Mohammad Farid

Name Hamidi, Mohammad Farid
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1968
Function/Grade Attorney General's Office
History and Biodata

2. Former Functions:

AIHRC commissioner Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission
Attorney General's Office (20160409)

3. Biodata:
Mohammad Farid Hamidi was born 1968 in Afghanistan. Farid Hamidi is a well-known lawyer with extensive experience on criminology and investigation. He had attended various national and international conferences and events relevant to human rights promotion and protection. Before joining the Commission, Hamidi was member of the Emergency Loya Jirga and responsible for developing rules and regulation for election. He has worked closely with the Judicial Reform Commission in the training of lawyers and judges on international human rights law and standards. Besides Dr Samar herself, Farid Hamidi, Sayed Ahmad Langari and Soraya Sobhrang saw their commissioner posts renewed.(20130619)

Hamidi is a police-academy graduate whose work as a human rights commissioner won him a strong recommendation from President Ashraf Ghani, who, in one of his first official acts, nominated him to lead the attorney general’s office. The parliament confirmed him, by a vote of 200-19. From the beginning, he was feted as a star of Ghani’s reform agenda.

Hamidi said that his investigations into the attorney general’s office resulted in the firings of 30 of the old guard. Many had allegedly been permitted to carry on corrupt practices under Hamidi’s predecessor, Mohammad Ishaq Aloko, who is closely aligned with the former President Hamid Karzai; his name is still linked to the Kabul Bank scandal of 2010 and 2011, which saw nearly $1 billion dollars disappear in faulty loans. (Karzai never allowed auditors to investigate his own foreign holdings.) Hamidi also said that he has banned some 3,000 people with pending corruption cases against them from traveling abroad. This is in addition to the 125 he has coaxed into early retirement and the 250 he has newly hired. He has also pushed for higher educational standards and salary increases for recruits, as a deterrent against bribes.

In January 2017, Hamidi went after Afghanistan’s vice president, whose bodyguards allegedly raped and tortured a political rival. Ahmad Ishchi, the victim, has accused Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum of kidnapping, beating, and deputizing his bodyguards to sexually assault him. While Hamidi has ordered the arrest of nine of the bodyguards and Dostum remains under investigation, it is unclear whether anyone will be prosecuted in the case.Targeting Dostum represented an escalation for Hamidi, from cleaning house and dealing with financial impropriety to taking on some of the most powerful political figures in Afghanistan.

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