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Guzar, Mir Amanullah

Name Guzar, Mir Amanullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1964
Function/Grade Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul
History and Biodata

Mir Amanullah Guzar
Phone: 0707400450

2. Previous Functions:
Commander of Division Eight
Commander of the Northern Highway Patrol
Security Advisor to President Hamid Karzai,
Police  Chief  of Kabul
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul

3. Biodata:
guzar_mir_amanullahMir Amanullah Guzar, s/o Mir Abdullah, was born 1964 in Mirbacha Koot district of Kabul province and lives in the city's 17th police district. He is a graduate of Mirbacha Koot High School. He is a member of the Hizb Jamiyat Islami.

He was a main commander of Shomali Plains front during resistance to theTaliban. There is evidence that he  commands an illegal militia. He is nvolved in drug smuggling andother criminal activities (possibly providingarmed escorts for drug transport). Has extorted bribes. He had distributed illegally confiscatedland to relatives and supporters. Implicated in attacks on Canadian ISAF units in the Kabul area in 2003-04. Allegedly involved in theabduction of three international UN workersafter the Presidential election. (MOI sourcesand others involved in the case at the time confirm Guzar as "ringleader" of the abduction.)(cable 532 US-Embassy Kabul 20060706)

Mir Amanullah Guzar bagged 5th most votes during Wolesi Jirga Election 2010 in Kabul.

Commission (2012): None
There are six Wolesi Jirga Members whose active membership in the parliament was to be put on hold for two month because absenteeism of 21 days. Lawmakers suspended are the following: Amanullah Guzar from Kabul, Farishta Anwari from Nimroz, Muhammad Ishaaq Rahguzar from Balkh, Ezatullah Atif from Kabul, Faridoon Momand from Nangarhar, and Alam Khan Azadi from Balkh.(20160515)

He is married and has five sons and seven daughters.

He speaks Dari.

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