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Akhbar, Muhammad Zahir Lt Gen

Name Akhbar, Muhammad Zahir Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1964
Function/Grade Security Advisor for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
History and Biodata

President NOC: Muhammad Zahir Aghbar (20110417)
+93 (0) 700 822 222 Email:


2. Previous Functions:
Chief of Afghanistan's Counter-Narcotics Directorate in the Ministry of Interior (20040919),
President National Olympic Committee (20110417-20131102)
Security Advisor for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah (20150304)
President National Olympic Committee(20171204-20180405)


3. Biodata:
Aghbar_Mohammad_ZahirMuhammad Zahir Aghbar Mohammad was born 19640101 in Nangahar Province. Lt Gen Mohammad Zahir Aghbar has been elected as head of Afghanistan National Olympic Committee (NOC) for four years as a result of direct polls (20090928).

Aghbar, the Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, rebuffed the allegations made by the Attorney-General’s Office accusing him of misusing power (20110620).

Aghbar was one of the team members of Abdullah Abdullah’s campaign during the presidential election 2014.

Zahir Aghbar led a violent march in capital Kabul after investigators found him illegitimate president of the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan. Unlike it was set with authorities, Aghbar’s protestors marched toward Presidential Palace. Ajmal, the deputy police chief for PD 16, said the protestors also used force against law enforcement agents and beat some policemen. Sediq Seddiqi, a spokesman for Interior Ministry, said they will investigate the incidents of clash with police. Meanwhile, some lawmakers expressed anger at Aghbar’s leading violent protest and called for prosecution of the culprits. The protest came after the result of an inquiry by a government panel showed that the election that declared Aghbar as president of NOC was illegal. The report of the inquiry further emphasized that Fahim Hashimy was the legitimate president of the committee.

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