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Pak-Afghan Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI)

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President Pak-Afghan Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI):
Khan Jan Alkozai
Vice President Pak-Afghan Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) and president Frontier Customs Agents Association (FCAA):
Ziaul Haq Sarhadi (20220111)
Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chairman President PAJCCI (2021/2022)

Board of PAJCCI Afghan Directors 2021/2022:
Muhammad Daood Moosa
Azrakhsh Hafizi
Ajmal Safi
Gul Padshah
 Haji Rahmuddin
 Noor Wali Yaqoobi
 Nizamuddin Tajzada
Ahmad Shah


Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PAJCCI) is a joint collaboration between Karachi Chamber of Commerce (KCCI), Chaman Chamber of Commerce (CCCI), Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Chamber of Commerce (KPCCI) and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce (ACCI). The entity is duly recognized and licensed by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan is Afghanistan's Muslim brother country. Afghanistan shares with Pakistan more than 2000 km of border, same religion, history, culture and language. Pakistan has been a route of transportation for Afghanistan since the 18th century.  Pakistan and Afghanistan both play a key role in the ancient Silk Road. Pakistan Karachi port is the shortest and cheapest to connect Afghanistan with the rest of the world.  Afghanistan is the most important route for Pakistan to connect with the Central Asian Countries. Central Asian Countries with a population of close to sixty million people can become a market for Pakistani products with a potential of twice the size of Afghanistan itself.  Today, whatever Pakistan can produce, has a market in Afghanistan; from food items to pharmaceuticals and manufactured goods.
It has been necessary to bring both the countries under one roof which would help enhancing bilateral trade and relations between the two countries. Establishment of the PAJCCI is the foremost step taken to connect both the countries in different sectors. PAJCCI will help facilitate the traders across the borders to establish and access businesses, investment, export and import.  I am also of the opinion that the minor problems existing, on both sides of our common border -  that cannot be solved due to bureaucratic hurdles, will be ironed out by our mutual efforts and under the umbrella of PAJCCI.

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