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Head of the Shiite Ulema Council of Afghanistan Shia Ulema Council:
Ayatollah Mohammad Eshaq Fayaz
Hussain Jafari
Ayatollah Hashem Salehi, chairman of the Council of Shiite Scholars in Afghanistan (20211228)

The Shia Ulema Council at a press conference on August 24, 2021 urged the Taliban to ensure that they will treat all faiths and ethnicities with equality and justice, reports Tolo News. The Council further said the next government should ensure the participation of all religions and ethnicities. The clerics called on the Taliban to ensure the safety and security of women and minorities. “The Shia people never support violence and war, they all support peace,” said Ayatollah Salehi, a Shia cleric.

The 15th general assembly of the council was held in Kabul (20191013. In the session, Ayatollah Salehi Moddares was elected as the new head of the council. Also, Ayatollah Sheikhzadeh and Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Akbari were picked as the council’s first and second deputies, respectively. Ayatollah Salehi Moddares is the founder of Risalat Seminary School in Kabul. He previously served as the deputy head of the council and is replacing Ayatollah Mohseni who died in August 2019. Muslims account for 99% of the population of Afghanistan. Some 80% of the people in the Asian country practice Sunni Islam and around 19% are Shia Muslims.

During a visit to Afghanistan, a group of Iranian media activists visited the Resalat Seminary in Kabul and met with Ayatollah Hashem Salehi, chairman of the Council of Shiite Scholars in Afghanistan. Referring to the growing situation of Shiites in the country, Ayatollah Salehi stressed the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan.((20211205)


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