Afghan Biographies

Maulvi Quadratullah Jamal

Name Maulvi Quadratullah Jamal
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Supreme Audit Office Head
History and Biodata

Supreme Audit Office The Control and Audit Office (CAO) is the supreme audit institution of Afghanistan. It reports directly to the President of Afghanistan.
Professor Dr. Mohammed Sharif “Sharifi” Mohammad Sharif Sharifi (20080503, 20150228, 20171125)
Maulvi Quadratullah Jamal (20211122)

Deputy Chief of the Supreme Audit Office:
Maulvi Ezatullah (20211122)

Also in CAO:
Abdur Saboor, Sayed Noorullah Hashimi (20080503)

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Established 2021-11-23