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Maulvi Keramatullah Akhundzadah

Name Maulvi Keramatullah Akhundzadah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission Head
History and Biodata

1. Former Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission Head  ex Head of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Reform Commission (IARCSC) (CSC):

Dr. Ahmad Mushahid (2008-20160809)
Nader Naderi Ahmad Nader Nadery (20160810, 20190525)
Maulvi Keramatullah Akhundzadah (20211122)

Commissioners of the Appointment Board for the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) of Afghanistan appointed Baryalai Helmand as the head of the board for one year (20200907:

Mrs. Salma Popolzai, Commissioner of the Appeals Board
Baryalai Helmand, Appointment Board Head
Sayed Ahmad Rateb Muzafari, Appeals Board Head
Najib Amin, Appointment Board Head
Mrs. Aliye Yilmaz, Appointment Board Commissioner
Mrs. Gaisu Yari, Appeals Borad Comminnioner
Maiwand Rahyab, Appointment Board Commissioner
Sayed Hashmatullah Hashimi, Appointment Board Commissioner


Commissioners and their higher education (ICCSAR) (as of 20170621):
1.    Najibullah Amin, currently doing a PhD.
2.    Rohullah Amin, commissioner of administrative reforms and civil services. He has a Master’s in adaptive psychology and a doctorate in curative medicine
3.    Tabasum, is a resident of Nimroz province, and is a senior analyst in philosophy and social anthropology
4.    Maiwand Rahyab, a senior analyst in public administration
5.   Sayed Hashmatullah has a bachelor’s degree from Kabul Medical University
6.   Ahmad Ratib Muzaffari has a doctorate in international relations
7.    Baryalai Helmandi has a bachelor’s degree in law and is a senior analyst in public administration
8.   Muqadasa Yuresh Muqaddesa Yourish is a senior analyst in economics and management. Prior to that, she was director of human resources for the city of Kabul.(20180307)
9.   Nader Naderi, Chairman, Head (20170311)

Members of the Commission (as of 2008): 
Raheela Hashim Sidiqi (20080503),
Sayed Zabibullah Sawayz (20080503),
Mohammad Qassem Hashemi (200507),
Mohammad Alam Paykan has been appointed as a member of this commission (200507),
Mohammad Amir Nourihas (200507),
Frydoon Shirzay,

Director of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Civil Service Management Department (CSMD): Director General of CSMD,
Mr Mir Ahmad Javid, Advisor To Director General of CSMD,
Ms.Nabila Musleh, Executive Director,
Mr Zubair Kerami Acting Director of Gender; Mohammad Nader Hotak Gender Director (20120805)
Homa Sorouri Public Administrative Reform Director,
Mr. Ahmad Masoud Tokhi Policy and legislation Director ,
Mr Abdel-Ellah Sidiqi Acting Director of HR Support and RIMU Coordination,
Mr Mirwais Ahmadzai Provincial Affairs Director,
Mr Abdurrahman Rasikh Head of Strategy and Policy Development Unit,
Ms.Sousan Rahimi HRMIS Director,
Mr Shafi Formuli
Gender Director with the Administrative Reform and CSC Ms. Nayela Naseri (20120805)
Azizullah Ariyafar, department head at the IACSC IARCSC (20121014)

North Regional Director, Said Mohammad Taqi Sadat
West Regional Director, Mr.Abdul Salam
South Eastern Regional Director, Gulam Ali Joshan
Southern Regional Director, Mrs. Nafeesa Munsif
South Western Regional Director, Azizullah Wagari

2. Previous Functions Dr. Ahmad Mushahed Ahmad Moshahed Ahmad Mushahid : 
Acting Minister of Light Industry (1995),
Ambassador to Iraq (Baghdad) and Iran (Consulate Mashad), (20020905)
Actin Minister of Education, (20040913)
Chairman IARCSC Administrative Reform Civil Services Commission,(20100708, 20110316, 20120526)

The fate of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission is under consideration in Wolesi Jirga as some legislators said there was no need for the commission because it was rife with corruption.(20130328)
Civil Service Management Department The Civil Service Management Department (CSMD) is one of the key and essential departments in the framework of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) of Afghanistan. CSMD is mandated to develop policies relating to the structure, management and appointment of civil servants and to monitor their implementation in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Service Law and other legal documents. CSMD also leads the implementation of public administration reform both at the national and sub-national levels. The Civil Service Management Department consists of professional and administrative offices that perform their duties in agreement with the relevant legal documents. Civil Service Management Department consists of seven directorates: Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) Directorate, Executive Directorate, Public Administration Reform (PAR) Implementation Directorate, Human Resources Support (HRS) and Reform Implementation Management Unit (RIMU) Coordination Directorate, Legislation and Human Resources Policy Directorate, and Gender Directorate. In addition, it has seven regional directorates and 34 provincial offices around the country.




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