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Omari, Abdul Manan

Name Omari, Abdul Manan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Minister of Public Works
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Public Works:
Eng Abdul Qudoos (20100628-20120305)
Najibullah Awzhang Najibullah Awjan Najibullah Aoudjan (20120305-20140930)
Najibullah Awzhang Najibullah Awjan Acting Minister of Public Works (20141001)
acting Minister of Water and Power Ghulam Faruq Qarizadeh (20141209)
Mahmood Baligh (20150418, 2016112 impeached and acting)
Yama Yari (20170807, 20171204 confirmed 20200903)
Najibullah Yamin (20201130)
Abdul Manan Omari (20210907)

Deputy Minister:
Deputy Minister of Public Work Maulvi Bakht Rahman Sharafat (20211219)
Director Ministry of Energy and Water (2005-2009)
Eng. Ahmad Shah Wahid Waheed (20100628, 20120904),
Ahmad Shah Waheed, deputy minister for public works, was taken by gunmen at around 7am (0230 GMT) from the Khairkhana neighbourhood of Kabul. (20140415)
acting MoPW minister Noor Gul Mangal(20150104)
Deputy Minister Abdul Rahman Salahi (20180122)
Director General and CEO Afghan Railway Department, Director Afghanistan Railway Authority Ministry of Public Works MoPW Afghanistan Railway Authority (AfRA):

Yama Shams (20141028, 20150620, 20160419, 20170202)

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