Afghan Biographies

Zadran, Bilal

Name Zadran, Bilal
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Haqqani Network Leader
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Taliban senior commander and military chief for Paktika
Taliban military
commander responsible for Bermel and surrounding districts (2016)
3. Biodata:
Bilal Zadran is a younger brother of late Mullah Sangin Zadran, who was a shadow Governor of Pakitka Province and a operational Commander  of the Haqqani network. After Sangeen Zadran was killed 2013 by a drone strike Bilal Zadran, was nominated as the new official commander of the Haqqani group. Bilal Zadran, who emerged from the Haqqani network and is considered a top commander despite his low public profile in the last couple of years.(20210917)

Bilal prohibits delivery of general education in the areas of Bermel district that he controls, but permits maktabs to operate in Ziruk, Nika and Gian, three neighboring districts inhabited by his own Zadran tribe. (20160500)

Fierce armed clashes have been reported between two military commanders of Haqqani Network in Gomal area of Afghanistan.

18 militants were killed in a skirmish between fighters loyal to Bilal Zadran, a senior commander of Haqqani Network and followers of Abid Hunar, a mid-level commander of the Haqqani Network. Fierce clash between the two groups erupted when Bilal Zadran fighters encircled the base of Abid Hunar in Gomal area of Afghanistan. 15 fighters of Bilal Zadran group and 3 fighters of Abid Hunar group were killed.  According to Sailab Mehsud, the main reason for this standoff between the two militant groups of Haqqani network was Abid Hunar’s refusal to accept Mullah Akhatar Mansur as the legitimate head of the Afghan Taliban.(20160209)



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