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Qalandar, Ebad Dr.

Name Qalandar, Ebad Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth
Function/Grade Minister of Public Health
History and Biodata

1. Previous Ministers of Public Health:

Dr. Fatimie Minister of Public Health May, (1993-1995),
Minister of Public Health (2004- 2010),
Suraya Dalil Planning Deputy Minister and acting Minister (20100118),
nominated again as Minister MoPH (20120215)
Soraya Dalil Minister of Public Health MoPH (20120305 -20140930)
Suraya Dalil acting Minister (20140930)
acting Minister of Public Health Ahmad Jan Naim (20141209)
Firuzuddin Firuz (20150127 - 2020602)
Ahmad Jawad Osmani (20200602) nominated and acting, confirmed (20201202) fired

Dr. Waheed Majroh (20210129) appointed and acting
Qalandar Ibad Qalandar Ebad (20210921) acting

Deputy Minister:
Dr. Abdul Bari Omar (20210921)
Second Deputy Minister:
Dr. Hassan Gheyasi Hassan Ghiasi, Hazara, (20210921)

Nadera Hayat Nadera Hayat Borhani (20110317, 20110824)

Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem Ahmad Jan Naim (20161009, 20171109)
Mrs. Diwa Samad (20181104) 23 years old Dewa Samad became the country's youngest-ever deputy minister when she was appointed to her post in the Health Ministry in October 2018.(20200416 fired)

Mamozai Zewar (20190310,20200416 fired)
Feda Muhammad Paikan (20171228,20180620, 20191015, 20200329, 20200416 fired)
Deputy director of health services; Deputy Minister for Healthcare Service Delivery - Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan: Dr. Wahid Majrooh (20200416) Wahidullah Majrooh survived an armed attack in Logar province on Saturday, May 23, 2020.
Deputy director of policy and plan: Dr. Bashir Ahmad Noormal (20200416)
Finance and administration: Dr. Shafiqullah Shahim 
Shafiq Shahim (20200416)
Dr. Bashir Noormal (20200416)

Director of Fertility of the Ministry of Public Health:

Dr. Nafiseh Sahak (20220315)

Spokesman for Ministry of Public Health:
Noor Oghli Kargar (20100915),
Dr. Abdullah Fahim (20110329)
Dr. Wahidullah Mahyar Wahidullah Mayar (20150807)
Ismail Kawasi (20160420)
Kanishka Turkistani (20170117)
Masouma Jafari, deputy spokesperson of the ministry of public health (20200712)
Ghulam Dastagir Nazari (20210613)

Chairman of central hospitals of public health ministry: 
Dr. Sayed Kabir Amiri (20110126),

Head of Pharmaceutical Affairs at the Ministry of Public Health:
Abdulhafiz Quraishi (20121106, 20211014)
Procurement head of the Public Health Ministry:
Sulaiman Saleh sacked (20151209)
Department Head:
Ahmad Jawad Osmani sacked because of corruption (20170117)

Health Manager at MoPH:
Mohammad Haqmal, born 1974,


2. Previous Function:
Member of Leadership Council
Minister of Public Health (20210907) acting

3. Biodata:
Dr. Qalandar Ebad Ibad belongs to the Hazara Qalandar (Hazaragi) tribe. Qalandar Ebad — a trained physician, with degrees from the Nangarhar University and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad — ensured a medical education for his daughter, who now works as a doctor in Islamabad, sources said.(20220414)

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