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Taliban Interim Government as of 03. Sept 2021

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The Taliban have finalised their new government in Afghanistan nearly a fortnight after their violent takeover of Afghanistan: a ‘Shura’ or Religous Council will control and run the executive powers of the nation, top Taliban sources told CNN-News18 today.

This Shura will comprise of Taliban elders and other ethnic groups, and women will not be a part of this Council, the sources added.

The executives of this Council will lead the government and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is likely to head the political office, the Taliban sources said, adding that 80 per cent of this government will be from the Doha Taliban team.

For the country’s foreign ministry, the militants are considering Sher Abbas Stanakzai, because of his reach and access to the international world. Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah are unlikely to get space in this Shura but they will remain in some advisory role, the sources said.

Other groups like the deadly Haqqani network will get 50% stake in this government, and warlord turned politician Hekmatyar will also be part of this governing body, but in the second or third layer, the sources said.

This will be a ‘caretaker’ or an interim government until things are properly defined by a new constitution to be out by the next spring or summer, the sources said. However, all formal announcements in this matter will be made in a day or likely next week, they said.

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